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Young Dolph’s Net Worth for 2020

You can find many rappers that are successful in the music industry. Most of them started with releasing single mixtapes and trying their best to contact other more famous artists to collaborate with them. They all started from somewhere and slowly gained traction until they rose to fame. One rapper that most may know is Young Dolph.

How Young Dolph Became an Established Rapper

Young Dolph, real name Adolph Thornton Jr., was born in Chicago, Illinois, on the 11th of August 1985. After two years, he and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Not much is known about Young Dolph’s childhood days, but he quickly rose to popularity in 2009 when he put out his debut mixtape “Paper Route Campaign.” He also released his other album titled “Welcome to Dolph World.” He is also the founder of Paper Route Empire, a well-known record label.

During his rapping career, he had the chance to go alongside other famous rappers like Gucci Mane in the song “That’s How I Feel.” His solo career featured different songs such as 16 Zips, 16, Shittin on the Industry, Cross Country Trappin, High Class Street Music, Blue Magic, and South Memphis Kingpin. He also surfaced on the O.T. Genasis single “Cut It,” which garnered the number 35 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Shootout Incident Tied to Young Dolph

In 2017, he was allegedly the center of gunfire in Charlotte, Northern Carolina. As stated by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, several units were shot on the 25th of February, two vehicles and weapons were engaged, with units hitting nearby vehicles and homes. A day after the shooting, different hip-hop news organizations started digging around and confirmed that Young Dolph was the main target during the shootout. Some reports stated a hundred units were shot at that time.


There were also rumors and reports that the shootout happened because of a conflict between Young Dolph and another rapper named Yo Gotti. Even with the rumors lying around, both stayed quiet and never gave any statement about the shooting. After a while, Young Dolph used the incident to advertise his second studio album ironically titled “Bulletproof,” which most fans were quick to notice.

Young Dolph posing for his album cover “Bulletproof,” which was an ode to the unconfirmed shooting tied to him and Yo Gotti.

Famous Albums and Mixtapes of Young Dolph

You can find and listen to many albums and mixtapes released by Young Dolph during his entire rap career.

• King of Memphis – 2016
• Bulletproof – 2017
• Tracking Numbers – 2017
• Thinking Out Loud – 2017

• Paper Route Campaign – 2008
• Welcome 2 Dolph World – 2010
• High-Class Street Music – 2011
• High-Class Street Music 2: Hustler’s Paradise – 2011
• A Time 2 Kill – 2012
• Blue Magic – 2012
• High-Class Street Music 3: Trappin’ Out a Mansion – 2013
• Cross Country Trappin – 2014
• BagMen – 2015
• Rich Crack Baby – 2016
• Gelato – 2017

Young Dolph’s Net Worth as of 2020 was $3 million.


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