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American Rapper Paul Wall’s Net Worth

Known for his popular debut song The People’s Champ. Get Money, Stay True’, Paul Michael Slayton, better known as Paul Wall, has accumulated much recognition and success in the music industry. He has a net worth of about $8 million as of February 2021 through his successful career as a rapper, actor, and party and mixtape DJ.

Wall has worked with the label Swishahouse Records and released several albums under them. He also collaborated with Chamillionaire and created a few albums with them before beginning his solo career. He started to gain more popularity in the 2000s and signed with Atlantic Records in 2005, with his debut being a huge success. Wall was nominated for Best Rap Performance for “Grillz,” a song collaboration with rapper Nelly in 2007.

Early Life

While Wall is known for being a rapper and DJ today, his career has consisted of many other experiences. He was born on March 11, 1981 and grew up in Georgetown, Texas. Most of his childhood was spent with his sister, mother, and stepfather as his father had left the family when the rapper was five years old.

From a young age, Wall expressed an interest in music and learned about rapping through his friend Mike Jones from Jersey Village High School. Wall went on to study mass communications at the University of Houston, but before finishing his studies, he decided to pursue rapping as a career and dropped out of school.

Career and Rise to Fame


After dropping out, Wall worked for Michael “5000” Watts’ company, Swishahouse, and released a debut mixtape called “Chopping Em Up Part 2.” He began collaborating with Chamillionaire and together, the two became permanent members in Swishahouse. They formed the group “Color Changin’ Click” and released top hits like “Get Ya Mind Correct” and worked with various labels like No Limit Records. Wall also worked on his DJ skills at this time and became known for his screwed and chopped up style.

After his experience with Swishahouse and Chamillionaire, Wall began to work towards building his solo career, starting with his first solo album “Chick Magnet.” It was only in 2005 when Wall signed with Atlantic Records and released his debut “The People’s Champ” that the rapper rose to fame. The song topped the Billboard Hot 200, and the following year, his album “Get Money, Stay True” took the No. 1 spot in many charts.

Paul Wall is a popular American rapper who gained fame through his debut The People’s Champ and his unique mixtapes.

Wall attended several tours and music shows to promote his second album. His first tour, the Honda Civic Tour, was particularly memorable as he was able to collaborate with Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, and many other artists. He then formed the rap group Expensive Taste with Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker.

Throughout his career, Wall was also recognized for partaking in a few acting roles and praised for speaking out during Obama’s campaign. Some of his well-known movie roles include those in “Furnace,” “Alligator X,” “I Hope They Burn in Hell,” and others.


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