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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Life Insurance

One should be wary of a few things before buying life insurance

Buying life insurance can be a tedious task as it involves spending and investing a lot of money. It requires you to research and seek knowledge about life insurance as there are many companies out there that offer you different kinds of life insurances. Furthermore, companies offer add-ons to the basic life insurance policy called ‘riders’ that are for death by accident, critical illnesses, and income benefits on disabilities. Here are five things that you need to keep in mind while buying any life insurance policy.

1. Compare Different Policies Before Buying Life Insurance

Always remember to compare all the kinds of policies available to you and assess them according to your needs before buying one. Generally, there are two types of basic life insurance, savings-cum-protection insurance, and term insurance.

Savings-cum-protection insurance is comparatively more expensive but offers you benefits after the term ends, or the insurance expires or terminates. The benefits are the total premiums you gave the company plus additional bonuses and benefits.

The term insurance, on the other hand, is much less expensive. It covers large amounts against small premiums but does not offer maturity benefits. That means the insurance company will not pay anything if no financially distressing event occurs before the term expires. Furthermore, the term insurance is for the benefit of your family in case of an unforeseen event. Thus, the insured person cannot receive any benefits for themselves.

Your choice of a plan is important and should consider your current financial situation and current and future needs.

2. Claim Settlement History of the Insurance Company

The main reason behind buying life insurance is to get paid to ease a financially difficult time. If that time comes and you or your family does not get paid, the whole purpose and your paid premiums will be lost. The insurance companies check the insurability of the person looking for insurance. Likewise, you should also check the claim settlement history of the company. There are bodies that hold that record, and you can find it online as well. All companies reject some claims, but the reasons for those rejections are important.

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3. Evaluate the Intricacies of the Policy

It is your insurance agent’s job to answer all your queries and worries. You should not hesitate to get as much information about the policy as you can before you may your purchase. There are events in the policies that are not covered, called exclusions. You should evaluate and consider these exclusions before you buy a policy.

4. Assess the Needs of Your Family Before Buying Life Insurance

Before investing in life insurance, you need to assess the situations that could or would arise for your family after your death. Debts, sources of income, and the volume of your family’s dependability on you are factors that need to be considered. The amount of insurance you buy should cover the would-be needs of your family, protecting them in case of an unwelcome event.

5. Evaluate Your Current Situation

A cover and a security plan should be bought as a step towards a certain plan or goal. Evaluating your current life stage and financial situation is the first step. Planning and setting goals for the future are two more essential steps to help you choose the right plan at the right time.

Buying Life Insurance

Like every investment, life insurance has its risks as well. There is no guarantee of fruitful returns on any life insurance policy; however, proper planning and care must be taken before buying one. Knowledge and research are two good soldiers to have in your army against the risks involved in investing in life insurance. By doing  your proper homework, you’ll be able to choose the best life insurance policy for you and your needs.

Lori Abagony
Written By

Lori is a writer for YourMoneyMagic. She holds a masters degree in business journalism and literature from the University of Oklahoma. She enjoys reading a good science fiction novel and is often found hiking on the weekends.


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