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How to Know You’re Wasting Your Money

These are a few ways to know you’re wasting your money

The temptation to spend is difficult to control. People tend to give in to their emotional impulses when it comes to spending, and they keep buying things just because they like them or maybe because a friend has it or for whatever reason. This article will help you learn how to know you’re wasting your money.

Buying things that you do not need can be disastrous to your finances. These spendings are unnecessary and can lead to your budget getting dragged down, or it can get you into debt too. You must look at your spending habits, recognize and identify the areas where expenses can be cut down. Saving money will increase your emergency fund, and it can give you that extra cash when you go on a holiday or on something that you have really been longing to buy.

Discovering What You’re Wasting Your Money On

Some points given below will help you know and decide whether you are wasting your precious and hard-earned money or not.

  1. If your expenditure is more than your income and you are not aware of where your money goes, then you are spending more than you are earning. You need to assess your finances; everything little or big that you spend money on needs to be scrutinized.
  2. Going for brand names is another way of wasting your money. Branded clothing, perfumes, skin and hair care products are all way too expensive. Instead, you can and should go to your local stores and look for generic named versions of the same items. These usually contain the same ingredients and are much less costly.
  3. Using your card to pay for all your purchases may seem convenient. However, you don’t see the money leave your wallet and simply push some buttons to make payments. This convenience sometimes makes people careless, and they don’t realize the amount they have spent. Thus, it is wise to withdraw a fixed amount of cash from your bank to spend for a set time. Also, as long as it is possible, use your own bank’s ATMs, as other banks charge a fee for their use, and again would be a waste of money.
  4. Habits of being disorganized also increase the wastage of money. If you learn to take good care of your things, you won’t spend any extra money. Misplacing chargers, losing cables, your jewelry, or other things like keys are careless habits that many people have. Losing all of these things and buying replacements adds up to massive amounts over long periods.

Apart from all these, there are a million ways we waste money every day without even realizing it. Insurance policies that are not really needed, fees on your cellphones and paid apps, unnecessary streaming apps, utility bills like electricity and gas that can easily cut back on, gyms, and other club membership fees can all be considered wastes. The list can go on and on!


Remember losing money is so much easier than earning it. Understand that saving is more important than spending! Avoid spending and wasting your money on things that add no or little value to your life. It is better to learn the right way of spending now than have regrets later.


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