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Bob Baffert’s fantastic career and incredible net worth

If you love horses, you should know Bob Baffert. He is an American horse owner as well as a horse trainer. Bob Baffert net worth is a staggering $30,000,000. Baffert was born back in 1953 on the 13th of January in Nogales, Arizona. Presently his horses have won over 5 Kentucky derbies and numerous other awards, including the renowned US triple crowns. In the early days, Baffert worked as a jockey. But later on, he had difficulty maintaining his jockey weight of 100 to 108 pounds since he was growing into a larger man. He switched careers and became a trainer for American horses. It is a breed of horse that is known to excel at sprinting at short distances. It took Bob Baffert over a decade and two years to earn his first million dollars in race prizes.


Back in 1991, his devotion to horses was primarily centered on conditioning thoroughbreds. This breed is known for its quickness as well as its agility. Thoroughbreds are also known to have high spirits. Baffert trained these horses for flat racing. It is a form of racing in which a level track is raised over a predetermined distance. In 1992, he got his first colossal break, where he won first for the Breeders’ Cup race. His winning horseback then was Thirty slews. The win came with a hefty $1,000,000 prize.

Between 1997 and 1999, he also won the renowned eclipse award. The award recognized him as an outstanding trainer three years in a row. He was even voted in 1987 for the Big sport turfdom award. He eventually was a finalist for the Hall of Fame as a trainer.

The same year saw Baffert increasing his fame along with the best horses he has ever trained Silverbulletday.

Personal life


Currently, Baffert has five children. Four of his children were from his first marriage, and one is from his second marriage. Back in March 2012, he survived a heart attack while working in Dubai in a world-class race. He and his family reside in California.

He is notable for appearing in one episode of the TV show Take home chef.

Following his 2015 win at Belmont, he outlined several charities that he and his wife will be supporting. During the television broadcast in Belmont, he had been paid $200,000 to allow the Burger King mascot to stand behind him in the grandstand. This event came after turning down the mascot to appear with him at Preakness. The appearance could have paid him $150,000.

At the press conference in Belmont announced that he and his wife would be making considerable donations of $50,000 each to the Aftercare of thoroughbreds in California. This program is aimed at taking care of retired racehorses. The charity is in memory of a quarter horse Jockey named Robert Bobby Adair, who is a friend of Baffert’s

His innovative skill and sensitivity in selecting the best horses that can win a race have won him accolades as well as wealth.


Bob Baffert is one of the leading figures in horse racing in the world. He began as a humble horse jockey and became a horse trainer with notable wins through his ingenious will and hard work. He will continue his legacy since he remains to have a strong passion for horse racing and training.


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