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Card Option to Repair and Rebuild Your Credit History

One of the common problems people face when applying for a credit card is a poor credit history, which can hinder their chances of getting approved. To remedy this problem, Continental Finance came out with a new card option called the Cerulean Mastercard. Essentially, this credit card is designed for people with poor credit, so it is only made available to those invited and pre-qualified to apply for the card.

Interested in rebuilding your credit history with this card option? If so, read on to learn more about what the card has to offer to know if it is worth the application.

Applying for a Cerulean MasterCard

Again, you can only apply for the credit card if you have qualified for it. If you have received the invitation and want to proceed with the application, you can head on to the Cerulean MasterCard offer website. On this page, you input your reservation and social security number to receive the application form.

Similar to other credit card applications, you will need to provide personal information like name, date of birth, and address for review. After filling out all the pertinent details, you can submit your application and wait for the decision.

Advantages of the Cerulean MasterCard


The Cerulean MasterCard comes with an initial credit limit of $750, which is considerably high, given that the card is catered towards holders with bad credit. According to the card website, you may be able to increase your credit limit after six months, but the maximum is capped at $2,000.

Continental Finance also reports payments to three major credit bureaus, which gives cardholders a massive opportunity to rebuild their credit history by making payments on time. Since it is a MasterCard, this credit card can also be used in different parts of the world. Though you have to pay a $99 annual fee for the card, you need not pay monthly maintenance fees, and you may be approved for the card without a security deposit.

Drawbacks of the Cerulean MasterCard

Right off the bat, the biggest limitation is the invitation-only feature of the Cerulean MasterCard, which restricts the people who are eligible to apply for it. As for cardholders, this credit card comes with a $99 annual fee, a $30 additional card fee, and a $39 late or returned payment fee. If you own or have owned other credit cards, you may find these prices to be higher than usual, so these fees are one of the card’s main drawbacks.

To add to this, the Cerulean MasterCard does not come with any benefits or rewards program, which makes the cost of fees sound even steeper. This is made more evident when the card is compared to other similar “bad credit” card options like the Citi Secured MasterCard and Discovered it Secured Credit Card that contain a $0 annual fee.

Reception from Cardholders


The Cerulean MasterCard has generated a mix of positive and negative reviews, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific response towards the card. Given its purpose of serving the group of people with bad credit, it is natural that the card can be seen as good or bad, depending on a user’s perspective.

Positive reviewers who vouch for the Cerulean MasterCard state that the card has helped them repair their credit history. They claim that despite the high interest fees, this card is a good option if you cannot find credit elsewhere. Its high initial limit is also helpful for times when you may be in a tight financial position.

On the other hand, negative reviewers primarily do not like the card because of its high fees and poor customer service. Given that other similar card alternatives come with no annual fee, the Cerulean MasterCard’s $99 annual fee serves as a major drawback.


Like any other credit card you can find, the Cerulean MasterCard is not perfect. If you want to rebuild and repair your credit history, this card may be a viable option for you. However, you must be wary of its high fees and lack of benefits, which may put a dent on your finances. Aside from this, the card is restricted to people who have received an invitation, so even if you are interested in applying for the card, you can only do so if you qualify for it.

Nowadays, the market offers plenty of similar credit cards designed for people with bad credit. While each of these card options have their unique highlights and drawbacks, the most important thing to do is get into the habit of paying your balances early to avoid interest and reestablish your credit reputation.


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