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The Total Net Worth of Shaun Weiss

Most kids who have seen The Mighty Ducks may remember several well-known characters such as Gordon Bombay, Adam Banks, Charlie Conway, and Fulton Reed, to name a few. While the other casts lived a good life after their success with the film, one actor, however, found himself spiraling down to misfortune. That one actor is known as Shaun Weiss, who was known for his role as Greg “Goldie” Goldberg.

The Early Years of Shaun Weiss

The Mighty Ducks child actor was born in Montvale, New Jersey, on August 27, 1978. He lived a normal life with an average family, in which he had five siblings. Out of the five siblings, he was the youngest. Fast forward to 1990, and he got his first acting role as a catcher in the Pizza Hut commercial at the first part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While studying in Pascack Hills High School, he was offered a role in “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” which made him more famous with several directors trying to cast him in their TV shows.

The Beginning of His Acting Career

After being a part of Pee-wee’s Playhouse, he was able to get more acting jobs in different television series. One famous television series he starred in was the 1989 “The Cosby Show” and “Empty Nest.” Starring in those shows only made him even more famous. Finally, one director noticed him and got him for the hit sports comedy movie titled “The Mighty Ducks.” The show became so successful that the movie had a second movie installment, “The Mighty Ducks 2,” which Shaun Weiss also starred in.

Since his rise to fame after starring in The Mighty Ducks movie, he focused his acting career in 1996 back into several TV series, including The Kings of Queens, Undressed, Boy Meets World, Mr. Rhodes, Freaks and Geeks, Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan, and City Guys. Later on, he managed to show off his acting skills even more by landing acting roles in movies such as Pack of Dogs and Heavyweights.


During his road to stardom, he was able to marry a beautiful woman named Shannon. There are only a few details about his personal life since he does not want it shared with the public. People soon speculated that he and Shannon separated, but the couple brought out no evidence of divorce.

A Twitter user commented about the current photos of Shaun Weiss being homeless was real.

His Career Downfall

Since he doesn’t share too many details about him with the public, little is known why Shaun Weiss took drugs and alcohol. Because of his involvement in crimes, he got arrested many times, spent all of his money, changing him into a completely different man. However, things have turned around for the better, and he has since celebrated a year of being sober and drug-free. Currently, he has a net worth of $500, which is not surprising for some.


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