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Learning More About Useful Medi-Share Reviews

Several people may have already heard or seen Medi-Share promotions, and it piqued their curiosity. Or, you’ve probably read medishare reviews somewhere, which somehow convinced you that it’s worth every penny. If you’re interested in it, perhaps educating yourself about essential facts can help verify if you’re indeed making a smart move. Besides, this concerns your health and your families’ too.

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing agency that consists of group members that share a similar faith. Like any other medical-sharing community, the program depends on its members to look after each other by making contributions financially and praying for them.

How It Works

Basically, it works like regular health insurance. It has a deduction, members have the preference on the amount they’ll provide as a family before submitting the bills to the ministry for settlement assistance.

The monthly share contribution acts similar to a premium, confirming that you’re qualified for assistance if you need one. There is no assurance Medi-Share will settle the medical bills, and there are a handful of restrictions to assess before starting your application. However, if you’re devout and physically abled, you can leave the conventional health insurance out of the picture and go for this instead.

The Cost


You’ll be asked to pay for $50 and another one-time $120 membership cost to submit your application. This will be incorporated into your first monthly contribution. There’s also a $2 one-time cost to create your sharing account. The Medi-Share system will allow you to choose a health insurance cost and monthly premium. These factors will be used to determine your payment options.

A good example is calculating the fees for a 30-year-old person looking for a single membership only. The contribution amounts vary yearly, derived from the oldest family member. If she picks the $1,750 yearly household share, her regular monthly contribution is $311. The $1,750 is the medical bill amount you need to settle before you qualify for sharing.

If she fulfilled the health eligibility requirements, she could be eligible for a Healthy Monthly Share. This can trim down her monthly contribution to $277. When you require medical care and go to a Medi-Share service provider, you need to settle $35 for physician consultations and hospitalizations. As for the emergency room admissions, you’ll need to pay $200. The remaining bills must be submitted to Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS) for payment assistance evaluation.

There are no premiums collected in this program, nor a guarantee that medical bills will be settled completely. The medical bill sharing process is totally on a voluntary basis.

A practical way to help fellow Christian members

Religious Criteria

Since Medi-Share is committed to the idea the members support each other, it strongly promotes a Christian lifestyle within the community. The organization conducts interviews with a church official to confirm the applicant’s involvement before giving the membership. The use of prohibited drugs and cigarettes is not permitted, and sexual relationships outside the Biblical Christian Marriage. This also means that Medi-Share will not pay for bills like abortions or medications for sexually transmitted diseases.


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