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A Discussion on the Benefits of Obamacare

Until today, there are still many individuals who don’t know the numerous benefits of Obamacare. The increasing number of negative feedback has overshadowed the significant benefits to the locals. Hence, the confusion. Few years following its approval, more than half of the residents were against it. Former POTUS Donald Trump tried to weaken it, and sadly, Congress created unproductive replacement strategies. In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revoked the tax on people who didn’t have insurance by the end of 2018.

The Obamacare pros and cons

Reduces healthcare expenses

When discussing the affordable care act pros and cons, one of its notable benefits, which somehow overshadows all the negative comments, can significantly lower healthcare expenses. It provides insurance and allows preventive care services free-of-charge. Essentially, individuals are treated even before they are placed in costly emergency-care facilities. For the last five years, the health-related costs have gone up more than 1% per year, and medicare institutions think it will continuously increase for the next decade or so.

Improves insurance plans

The insurance plans are reinforced, covering ten crucial health benefits. These services include treatment for addiction, mental health, and chronic illnesses. Absence of these services, most patients will end up in the emergency care of the hospital. Expenses for such services are handed over to Medicaid.


More extended coverage plans for kids

Kids can remain under their parents’ health insurance plans until the age of 26 years old. Several years ago, there were more than a million uninsured kids. This brought a significant increase in profit for insurance organizations. They acquired more premiums from all well and abled citizens.

It Forfeits Lifetime And Yearly Converge Restrictions

Typically, insurance firms utilize this to curb expenses to about a million per year. Those beneficiaries who went over the limit must pay for the entire cost.

The contradicting views on Obamacare


Increase Unemployment Rate

There are more than a million individuals who bid goodbye to their health insurance provided by their employer. Most companies found it practical to shoulder the penalty and allow their staff to acquire insurance policies on the exchanges. Other small firms think they can avail more favorable plans via the state-run marketplaces.


Cancellation Of Various Insurance Policies

About thirty million residents don’t have company policies and depend on private health insurance. Some insurance firms rescinded their plans since the stipulations aren’t covered by the ten essential benefits of ACA. The replacement cost for people who lost such plans are relatively high. This ACA program necessitates services that most individuals don’t need, such as maternity care.

Better Coverage Increased The Overall Healthcare Expenses

This is primarily because most individuals were given tests and preventive care services for the first time. Apparently, it is costly to treat diseases that have been neglected for several years.

Resolved The Medicare Issue But Increased Other Health-related Expenses

The rebates have resolved the issues in the Medicare area, but costs for drugs continue to increase, and for a lot of residents, outright expenses didn’t even slow down, but instead, it got more expensive with time.


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