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Who is Blueface, and What is His Current Net Worth?

Social media has become so widespread that it is now possible to influence a multitude of people into a trend. You need the right marketing and the proper angle to make a music video viral, even if its music only appeals to a specific audience. Likewise, when you play a music video frequently, those that get to hear it may get to like it as an “acquired taste”. This is such a case for Blueface.

Who is Blueface, and What is His Net Worth?

Blueface is Jonathan Jamal Porter in real life. Born in 1997 and growing up in Los Angeles, Jonathan Porter rose to fame after trying on a rapper’s cap for less than a year. Today, he is estimated to have a 2021 estimated net worth of $5 million. Blueface’s earnings came from his massive following on several social media platforms such as Instagram and video sharing platforms such as YouTube. An example of Blueface’s popularity is the success of his first mixtape, “Famous Cryp”, which was estimated to be streamed from 5 to 7 million times a week. The president of the label company, Nielsen Music, who signed the rapper, said that Blueface’s “Thotiana” single was expected to surpass the popularity of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s “Crossroads”, which became a double-platinum single.

What is the Hype for Blueface All About?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to the quality of Blueface’s music and lyrics. Many people believe that Blueface’s rap style is just a mumbling of words with no strong lyrics to back it up. This mumbling is evident with his song “Baby”, where the word baby is the only word that you may hear among the rest of the song’s incomprehensible lyrics. People who are hating Blueface and other mumble rappers see Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Royce Da 5’9”, 2Pac, and Logic as the legit rappers because of their lyrical music. So, what is the hype for Blueface all about?

Blueface’s 6’4” height and handsome looks may be a huge factor for his massive following

It is More Than Just the Music.

If you are going to ask Blueface himself, he was quoted as saying, “Getting to this point probably took about 25 percent music”. He may agree that he lacks the lyrical prowess of the existing rap gods. However, Blueface is aware that becoming famous does not rely on music alone. Some rappers may have produced the best rap lyrics but did not get to be as famous as Blueface right now.


Blueface is a self-aware rapper who knows the proper marketing and positioning will get you to the right places, especially in the music industry. Likewise, the hype to Blueface maybe his authenticity when it comes to his music videos where you will see him being himself and having fun. Being 6 feet 4 inches tall, charming, and handsome may have also caused Blueface to gain a lot of following.

Love him or hate him, Blueface is a perfect example of how a person can become successful with the right attitude and marketing. Listen and watch his videos, you may get an “acquired” taste for his style of music.


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