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What is Joyner Lucas’s Net Worth?

Joyner Lucas is part of the network of American rappers that made it big in the music industry. AS of 2021, Joyner Lucas is estimated to have a net worth of roughly $2 million.

Who is Joyner Lucas?

Joyner Lucas was born Gary Maurice Lucas Jr, on August 17, 1988, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Joyner grew up in the city and attended South High Community School. Joyner’s loyalty to the city is evident in its inclusion in many of Lucas’s music videos. One music video that he filmed in his old high school entitled “Ross Capicchioni” gained national attention in 2015, for which Joyner was invited to the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

This attention also led to his signing with a record deal with Atlantic Records, where he began creating his 508-507-2298 album, which the label released in June 2017. One of the hit singles from his numerically-titled album was “I’m Not Racist”, which featured a lyrical rap dialogue between a stereotypical white Caucasian wearing a MAGA hat and a stereotypical Colored Male. The song hit viral status on YouTube because of its straight-talk lyrics from the perspectives of two opposing and always-clashing races. Joyner’s main point in the music video is for the two races to have a dialogue to better understand each other. Today, the official “I’m Not Racist” YouTube video uploaded by Joyner Lucas already has 144 million views and 4.92 million

How Joyner Lucas Got His Riches

Joyner Lucas increased his net worth just like any other artist did by working hard for it. There are four ways on how rappers earn their money. The first way is through the sales of their albums. The greater number of albums you sell, the higher your take will be. However, if a rapper is under a label, this rapper will only get a fraction of the album sales, usually less than a dollar for every album sold. This is the reason why rappers will usually attempt to establish their labels. Second, rappers will earn from touring. Touring is where the money is at. Rappers who tour a lot will earn more from their portion of the ticket sales. The third is through branding and promotions, including earnings from having a strong following in social media and video sharing platforms. The fourth is through diversifying. Rappers that reach stardom status need to diversify to make more money. They should venture into other businesses and industries, such as creating their fashion line, putting up their restaurants, and coming up with brands associated with their names.


Joyner’s depiction of a stereotypical white male in I’m Not Racist music video

Is Joyner Lucas a Good Rapper?

As far as rappers go, you will either love them or hate them depending on the rap genre you prefer. Joyner can be listed as one of the best lyrical rappers of this generation and are at par with rappers such as Eminem, Jay-Z, 2Pac, and other rappers that fill their songs with straight-forward lyrics that are relevant to current issues and more serious problems of the society.


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