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The Brief History of Tai Lopez and His Net Worth

When you are about to watch a Youtube video, an ad might pop up about a man showing off his Lamborghini in the background and his bookshelf. This person is none other than social media magnate Tai Lopez. Apart from being a social media personality, he is also an excellent investor and entrepreneur, making him one of the most influential entrepreneurs and social media icons in the United States.

You may also recognize him since he rapidly rose to wealth and fame because of his quest for the “Good Life.” Due to his perseverance for a mentor, can-do attitude, and persistent hard work, he was able to help many to get out of their struggling financial situations.

Early Life of Tai Lopez

The giant entrepreneur was born on April 11, 1977, in Long Beach, California, where his grandmother and mother raised him since his father was in prison throughout his childhood. His family was not financially stable to the point where he resorted to setting up a small business selling cherry tomatoes.

He later on transferred to selling lemonade since the tomatoes were not selling well enough. He grew up in a rowdy neighborhood, surrounded by crimes and gangs. Later on, he started reading Aristotle, where he used it as a medium to learn about the “Good Life.” His grandfather helped him by sending out more books about the topic.

He did not finish college and started doing odd jobs to save money for traveling. He went to many countries like India, where he visited a Leper colony. He also lived with the Amish for at least two years until he decided to return to the United States.


Tai Lopez standing in front of the camera. Behind is his private jet, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari.

Tai Lopez’s Career and Net Worth

His journey to success began when he persuaded a financial manager to mentor and train him. After being a mentor, he worked for GE Capital and became a Certified Financial Manager. He presently owns Elite Global Dating that made him start his initial wealth growth. He soon became popular ever since he started to run mentorships online related to business,
inner circles, and his “67 Steps Program.”

The 67 Steps Program by Tai Lopez is a method to simplify personal profit processes to discover the good life and be set free. After a while, he started a Youtube channel with almost a million subscribers. He also has a podcast where you can listen to him talk about different subjects such as How to Find True Allies in Life, How to Be More Persuasive and Persistent, and How to Make One-Million Dollars. These are just some of the many podcast entries everyone can listen to,

Tai Lopez currently acts as a partner and advisor to nearly 20 million companies. He even created a book club to assist others in attaining their “Good Life.”

With all of his achievements, Tai Lopez currently has a net worth of $60 million.


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