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Outrageously Expensive Items Jeff Bezos Own

With a $131 billion net worth, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earned the title of being the world’s wealthiest man. It makes it easier for him to buy anything and everything that he wants, even those that the average person can only wish for. He can even spend money to support crazy inventions.

Here is a list of the most insanely expensive and luxurious items that Jeff Bezos owns.

#1. A former museum to live in

Bezos bought the old Textiles Museum in Medina, Washington, back in 2016 for a whopping $23 million. He intends to turn it into one of his residential properties once the ongoing renovation is over. It is expected to have 11 bedrooms, five living rooms, a couple of elevators, and 25 bathrooms.

#2. High-end private jet

If you own some of the biggest companies in the US, you need the fastest transportation available to bring you to all your offices. No wonder Bezos acquired a Gulfstream G-650ER, known as the quickest private jets made.


#3. A forever clock

Time is of the essence if you are a busy person like Bezos. It could be the driving force behind Bezos’ reason for investing $42 million to build a timepiece that will work for 10,00 years.

#4. A massive 10,000 sq.ft. New York apartment

The billionaire mogul bought three adjoining apartments in Manhattan with Madison Square Park’s view for a combined value of $80 million. Real estate experts considered it one of the highest-paid real estate acquisitions in New York City back in 2019.

#5. A leading newspaper publication

Bezos surely loved to be updated with the current events. He even bought The Washington Post, one of the top newspapers in the US, in 2013. He spent $250 million on the 142-year-old publication in 2013.


#6. A money-making rocket manufacturing firm

Aside from Amazon, Bezos’ most beloved passion is his human spaceflight company Blue Origin. He invested in the company in 2000 to develop rockets for commercial purposes since one of his dreams is to make space-traveling possible for the average people.

#7. A robotic dog

In 2018, Bezos introduced a “robot dog” 2018 via a tweet. He called the Boston Dynamics-produced robo-dog “Spot Mini.”

#8. A Hollywood mansion

Hollywood is known as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the US, if not the world. So it only fits that the world’s riches person has a property in the area. A report from Business Insider claimed that his massive property has seven bedrooms, seven baths, a greenhouse, and a huge swimming pool.


#9. A Seattle lake house with ultra-rich neighbors

In 1998, Bezos acquired a $10 million estate that covers two residential properties. One is the 20,600-s.ft. five-bedroom home and an 8,300 sq. ft. home. One of his famous neighbors is Bill Gates.

#10. The vast Amazon campus located in Seattle

Bezos built a massive Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington, to serve as its main hub. One of the structures on the campus is called The Spheres, which has a tropical forest built inside.


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