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How Dua Lipa Earned a $16 Million Net Worth

Source: Dua Lipa / Instagram

English singer, songwriter, and model Dua Lipa started her career in 2015. While she initially began her life in the timeline as a model, she became more famous because of her music. She won multiple awards throughout her musical career, including two Grammy Awards in 2019 for her song titled Electricity. Her prominence does not end there. Today, Dua Lipa’s net worth reached $16 million as of 2020, and here is how she managed to accrue her current wealth.

Dua Lipa: Her Early Life

The New Rules singer was born and raised in London on August 22, 1995. Her parents originally came from Yugoslavia before moving to the UK, so she has a Kosovar Albanian lineage. Lipa started showing her performing skills at a young age, constantly performing as a student at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. In 2006, her family returned to Kosovo when her father was hired for a job in their homeland. She started attending the Third Millennium school in Kosovo’s capital city Pristina. When she reached 14, Lipa started posting videos of herself covering songs by Nelly Furtado and Pink on YouTube. After a year, she returned to London by herself and stayed with a friend to pursue a singing career. She became a regular student at the Parliament Hill School during the weekdays and then attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, but this time as a part-time student, during the weekend.

Dua Lipa in Los Angeles, celebrating the release of her song at the Houdini Estate ; Source: Dua Lipa / Instagram

Dua Lipa: The Model

Because of her strong desire to have a musical career, Lipa knew that she needed funds to enrol in music sessions. It prompted her to work as a hostess in restaurants and nightclubs. During one of her shifts, she was spotted by a modeling agency and hired her to become a model. At the age of 16, Lipa started modeling for the online catalog of ASOS Marketplace. But she never forgot her goal to make it in the music industry. Lipa hoped that her modeling career would help her forge connections with people in the music business. But she left the modeling agency a while after her manager asked her to lose weight. At 18, she starred in a TV advertisement for the popular singing competition The X Factor.

Lipa continued modeling even after making it big in the music industry. She even started collaborating with different fashion brands. In 2016, she appeared in several magazine covers, including Elle, Stella McCartney, Wilde, and Paper. More recently, she was spotted in an image advertisement for the 2019 Peper Jeans London Spring/Summer collection. She was also collaborating with the brand to design her clothing range. Lipa released her second Pepe Jeans London range as part of the iconic brand’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection.

Dua Lipa: The Musician


In 2013, Lipa signed her first recording deal while she was still working as a waitress. Tap Management offered to pay her a monthly salary to quit her day job to let her record music. She was able to co-write her song Hotter than Hell during one of her recording sessions. Her first single, New Love, was released in August 2015, followed by Be the One in October of the same year. She started performing on tour in the UK and the rest of Europe in early 2016. During the tour, she released Last Dance and Hotter than Hell. The latter catapulted her success, after peaking at number 15 in the UK music charts.

Lipa released her self-titled debut album backed in 2017. It peaked at the third spot on the UK album charts. In 2020, her second studio album titled Future Nostalgia managed to reach the top of the country’s album charts. Her latest single titled Levitating came out in 2020. Throughout her music career, Lipa was awarded multiple recognitions from prestigious award-giving bodies. She currently has two Grammys, three Brit Awards, and four Global Awards. She also has three YouTube Creator Awards and other recognitions.

Dua Lipa: TV Stints

The singer-model was seen on several TV shows multiple times. Some of her most notable TV stints include The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sunday Brunch, The Jonathan Ross Show, Saturday Night Live, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She also co-hosted an episode of Sounds Like Friday Night in 2017. She also appeared as a bit player in a 2004 episode of Familija Moderne in 2004.

Dua Lipa: Net Worth

Based on an article from Celebrity Net Worth, Lipa currently has a $16 million net worth. She was able to generate this amount through various gigs, including music and fashion. She also earned money from her fashion designs.


Dua Lipa: Personal Life

Lipa had a relationship with English chef Isaac Carew from 2013 to early 2017. They parted ways after almost six years of dating. They chose to reconcile in January 2018, but they finally parted ways for the second time in June 2019. She started seeing model Anwar Hadid shortly after their breakup. Hadid is the younger brother of models Bella and Gigi Hadid. As of 2024, she has been romantically linked to British actor Callum Turner.


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