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Get To Know Alexandra Andresen – World’s Second Youngest Billionaire After Kylie Jenner

Everyone knows that reality star-turned-entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is the world’s youngest billionaire as of 2020, but do you know that another female who is just one year her senior also belongs to the list young billionaires worldwide? Meet Alexandra Andresen, a Norwegian heiress, currently the second youngest person who owns billions of dollars in the bank.

Andersen is the 24-year-old daughter of Norway’s popular investor and industrialist Johan Henrik Andersen and Kristin Gamlemshaug. She earned the title of being the youngest billionaire from the Forbes list after her father transferred 42.2% ownership stakes of their holding company Ferd AS to her and her older sister, Katharina. It gave her an estimated wealth worth $1.1 billion. She held on to that title for three consecutive years until Jenner took over the spot in 2019.

For those who do not know, Andersen’s family is very popular in Norway for owning the tobacco brand Tiedmanns, until they sold the enterprise in 2005 because of ethical considerations. While she and her sister own the majority of the shares of Ferd, their father remains at the helm of the company and takes over 70% of the votes through the dual-class share model.

Because her time is not yet preoccupied with running a major business, Andersen was still able to earn her high school diploma and participate in various horseback riding competitions. Reports even hailed her as one of the best horseback riders in her country. At the moment, she is enrolled at Amsterdam University College to take up social sciences.

Despite her excessive wealth, Alexandra revealed in a 2014 interview published in Ferd’s corporate magazine that she saves money all the time. She claimed that she save her weekly allowance from her parents and the cash prizes that she won in various horseback riding competitions. She also put the money that she received as gifts for her birthday in the bank. She also earned money from modeling for an equestrian clothing brand called KingsLand. It allows her to buy everything she wants, like a purse or shoes, without asking for money from her parents.

Andersen also confessed that she believes money is absolutely necessary, but she does not want to use it in abundance. She also said that her family’s money allowed her to do some things she loved, like being a competitive dressage horse rider. According to the young billionaire, riding horse costs a lot of money, but she is fortunate that her family can afford the posh sport.


While her parents cautioned them from flaunting their wealth, she and her sister can still enjoy their status as some of the richest young people globally, based on their extravagant vacations and their collection of opulent items like designer purses as posted on their social media accounts.

Andersen and her family are known for being discreet, which is why little is known about the world’s second-youngest billionaire. But in 2017, she became engaged with her boyfriend, MMA fighter Joachim Tollefsen. However, no reports are claiming that the two already tied the knot.


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