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All The Richest Cast Members Of “American Horror Story” Ranked By Net Worth

Award-winning cable series “American Horror Story” has become one of the most loved TV series in recent history. The horror franchise earned many viewers due to its extremely violent and creepy content.

Unlike other series where the storylines continue after each season, “American Horror Story” chose to feature an entirely different story. But not like other anthology, the series keep some of the key actors and allow them to portray different roles all the time.

Because of the show’s success, the lead cast already generated huge sums of money from their acting gig. Here is a list of the richest “American Horror Story” cast members based on their net worth.

Cast of American Horror Story at premier

#10: Lily Rabe – $2 million net worth

Rabe appeared in eight out of the nine seasons of AHS and confirmed to return in the upcoming 10th season. Her biggest role in the series is in season 2, where she portrayed a possessed nun.

#9: Frances Conroy – $4 million net worth

The veteran actress appeared in seven seasons of AHS. Her stint in the franchise helped her land more acting jobs, including the 2019 film “Joker.”


#8: Even Peters – $4 million net worth

Peters became one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood after getting meaty roles in AHS. He appeared in eight seasons and confirmed to return in the 10th installment.

#7: Finn Wittrock – $5 million net worth

While Wittrock only appeared in four out of the nine seasons of the horror anthology, his roles always leave a mark on the viewers. Like Rabe and Peters, he is also expected to return in season 10.

#6: Cheyenne Jackson – $5 million net worth

Jackson may not be a constant face in the entire AHS franchise. But he portrayed some of the series’s biggest roles, including the hotelier-turned-ghost in “AHS: Hotel.” He also appeared in other popular TV series like “Glee” and “Ugly Betty.”


#5: Sarah Paulson – $10 million net worth

Paulson appeared in the first eight seasons of AHS, including the most important role in season four called “Freak Show,” where she played conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler.

#4: Dylan McDermott – $15 million net worth

It has been a while since McDermott appeared in a lead role in AHS, but he made some remarkable guest appearances in the last two seasons of the series. Most of his net worth came from his other projects, including the film “Perks of Being A Wallflower.”

#3: Jessica Lange – $15 million net worth

Lange is one of AHS’s pioneers, but she took time off after the fourth season. Fortunately, fans of the series could get a glimpse of her talent when she appeared as a guest in “AHS: Apocalypse.”


#2: Angela Bassett – $20 million net worth

She may not be one of the long-standing cast members of the series, but her role as voodoo magic priestess Marie Laveau made her one of the most well-loved cast members of AHS. It even earned her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

#1: Kathy Bates – $32 million net worth

The title of the highest-earning cast member of AHS would belong to Bates, even if she joined the series in the third season. She earned her way to become the top-earning actress after winning acting awards from the Oscars, Emmys, and the Golden Globe.


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