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Top 7 Most Expensive Beers In The Global Market

Most people think that beer is a “working class” liquor. Everyone can get a bottle easily in any convenience store anywhere in the world. But like any consumer product, you can also find beers meant for the upper market.

These beers are extremely rare or very expensive, so they are very appealing to the wealthiest buyers worldwide.

If you are curious about the taste of these luxury brews, you must be willing to break the bank to get a bottle of the most upscale beers that you can find.

#7: Sapporo Space Barley – $110 per 6-pack ($18.22 per bottle)

Japanese brewery Sapporo made history when they created the first beer in the market brewed completely from “space barley” in 2010.

Only 250 people all over Japan were allowed to buy the coveted space beer upon release. It means they are the only ones who can get a taste of the space beer in the world.


#6: Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 – $44 per 750ml

Past Brewing Company is known all over the US for brewing the popular Pabst Blue Ribbon lager beer. But not everyone in the country knows that the brewery sold a more expensive version of the $2 per bottle brew in China.

The American brew released the Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 in the Chinese market. It comes with a luxurious 750ml bottle with posh gold lettering. The brew is even made more extravagant after the Chinese manufacturers included German caramel malts and had it age in un-seared oak barrels from the US.

#5. Dark Lord Brew by 3 Floyd’s Barrel-Aged – $50 per 650ml

The 3 Floyd’s brewery from Munster, Indiana, sells the Dark Lord brew once a year in a special event that they regularly conduct in their facility. Attendees of the event need to purchase tickets to have the chance to taste the exquisite coffee-infused brew.

Depending on the ticket purchased, the attendees can either have a chance to buy a pint of the Dark Lord straight from the bar or buy their own bottle of the beer for an additional $50.


#4: The Bruery’s Papier – $100 per 750ml

The Bruery developed Papier to celebrate their first anniversary in 2009. The California-based brewing company created a special anniversary gift to 24 of their most loyal customers and sold it for $100.

The brewery donated proceeds from the sales to charity. Because of its rarity, it is unlikely to find another bottle of the Papier in the market today.

#3: Utopias by Sam Adams – $199 per 750ml

American brewing company Sam Adams marked the 10th release of their one of a kind Utopias brew in 2017 by releasing a limited-edition brew. The 13,000-bottle release is reportedly different from the previous releases.

The $199/bottle variation was reportedly made using a highly complex brewing and aging technique. It allegedly combined premium malts and barrels to create a unique beer.


#2: End of History by Brewdog – $765 per 650ml

Aside from being one of the most extravagantly priced beer globally, the End of History is also recognized as the craziest one in the market. All bottles of this brew come with 55% alcohol by volume (ABV), one of the highest ever developed.

Each bottle sold comes with a taxidermied stoat that holds the glass container of the brew. The stoat, otherwise known as the European squirrel, is adorned with a tailored suit or kilt.

#1: Cable Car Kriek by The Lost Abbey – $923 per 750ml

The holder of the world’S most expensive beer comes from California’s The Lost Abbey brewery. For almost a thousand bucks, you can get a taste of a sweet cherry-infused beer that you can never find elsewhere.

Those who were lucky to get their hands on this unique beer claimed that it packs the best combination of complex fruity flavors. However, it may be challenging to find another bottle of this extremely rare brew in the market today.


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