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Top 20 Fanciest Alcoholic Drinks Served Worldwide

One of the best luxuries in life is a good drink. It can help you relax and unwind after a long day. But not everyone can pay for all the items mention in this list.

We are rounding up the name of the top 20 alcoholic drinks with the most opulent price that money can buy.

The Top 20 Upscale Alcoholic Beverages Around The World

This lineup of alcoholic concoctions and their prices was gathered from different sources all over the Internet, including Proof Media and Success Story.

Here are the top 20 fanciest and priciest alcoholic drinks that you can find.

#20: The Salvatore’s Legacy – worth $8,316


Known as the oldest cocktail globally, Salvatore’s Legacy drink is also recognized as the preferred drink in Playboy London.

All the cocktails served are concocted by iconic bartender, Salvatore Calabrese.

The bartender mixes four key ingredients, including a portion of 1778 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, one part 1770 Kümmel Liqueur, one part 1860 Dubb Orange Curaçao, with a bit of Angostura bitters that was manufactured in the early 1990s.

These ingredients can make one elegant and unbelievably costly cocktail!

#19: The Winston: Melbourne’s Club 23 Cocktail – worth $12,790 for every serving

The Winston Cocktail is a staple in the most opulent alcoholic drinks list worldwide, but you can only get it from a prominent bartender in Australia.


The drink gets its exorbitant price tag due to its expensive ingredients, including the Grand Marnier Quintessence, an extremely rare cognac.

Aside from its remarkable taste, the popular cocktail is known for resembling a blowtorched glass when served.

#18: The Diamond Is Forever: The Ritz-Carlton Martini – worth $18,000

Are you the type of person who loves diamonds, then this drink is for you.

At first glance, you might say that this martini looks common. But the combination of lime and grey goose cocktail comes with a single carat diamond!

This luxurious drink is only available in Tokyo’s Ritz-Carlton.


#17: Angostura’s Legacy – worth $25,000

Are you a fan of rum? Then you must try this ultra-expensive variety at least once in your life. It is concocted from a combination of seven extraordinary rums from Angostura’s other collections.

For $25,000, you can have the best tasting rum that ever came out in the market.

#16: The Ruby Rose Special Cocktail – worth $40,000

It only takes one look at the gorgeous Ruby Rose cocktail to convince you that it is one of the most splendid drinks in the world.

While you can concoct your own drink easily using a serving of vodka from Hangar One, pomegranate juice, orange juice, St. Germain, and rosewater, you can only make it more special by adding a four whole carat of ruby to accessorize the drink. That is the only time that you can make it worth $40,000.


#15: The Chateau D’Yquem – worth $130,000

The Chateau D’Yquem was hailed as the priciest white wine bottle in 2011. Because of its rich history, it became more valuable than a regular bottle of white wine.

You may want to preserve this ultra-expensive bottle because of its price tag. But if you want to take a sip, you must be willing to spend $130,000 to know how it tastes like.

#14: Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee – worth $165,000

Johnnie Walker brand is always known for creating the priciest alcoholic beverages in the market. But its special Diamond Jubilee whisky series can be the most upscale product from the Scottish Scotch whisky brand.

The Diamond Jubilee line was made to commemorate the 60th crowning anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II in Britain. Aside from the smooth whiskey, those fortunate to get their hands on this limited edition product can also get a Baccarat crystal bottle encrusted with half-carat of diamonds. No wonder it comes with a $165,000 price tag.


#13: Remy Martin’s The Black Pearl: Louis XIII Special Anniversary Edition – worth $165,000

Remy Martin developed its most expensive alcoholic beverage using premier vintage ingredients that are more than a century.

The French cognac manufacturer used a special technique to concoct the liquor. The drink is also housed in luxurious bottles that are adorned with gemstones. Remy Martin also decided to produce small batches of this drink to maintain the product’s exclusivity.

#12: Penfolds Ampule – $170,000

If you love to collect beautiful liquor bottles, you must not miss out on this ultra-expensive wine bottle from Australia.

The hand-blown bottle can definitely make an impact. Even if you have the money, it would be challenging to procure one of these expensive wines since there are just 12 handmade bottles like this in the world.


All bottles come with a unique serial code and certificate of authenticity and ownership signed and certified by chief Penfolds winemaker Peter Gago.

#11: Bombay’s Sapphire Revelation – $200,000

London’s most popular gin company Bombay also has an entry in this list of globally priciest alcoholic beverages.

If you buy a bottle from the iconic Sapphire Revelation line, you will get the jewel-shaped vessel made from pure Baccarat crystal. It is also adorned with sapphires and diamonds to give it a distinct look.

After enjoying the smooth taste of gin, you may want to resell the bottle for a higher price. You may also hold on to it as one of your most valuable memorabilia.

#10: The Dalmore 62 – worth $215,000


No one knows who this single-malt drink became one of the fanciest alcoholic concoctions own the world. But there are only twelve bottles ever created in history, which is why it can be considered as an exclusive and limited-edition product.

Little is known about the product, but an unknown buyer purchased the very last bottle in the airport in Singapore.

#9: The Armand de Brignac’s Midas Champagne – worth $265,000

It is not uncommon to find a bottle of Armand de Brignac in any posh celebration attended by A-list stars in Hollywood. After all, rappers like Jay-Z and sports icons were seen holding a champagne bottle in most of their public gatherings. But the Midas line is considered the most luxurious and costly champagne produced in the world.

Wine enthusiasts loved their distinct flavor. After all, each golden bottle contains wine from the finest grapes aged for over 30 years. Because of its luxurious quality, it now belongs to the list of opulent alcoholic drinks that you can find in the market.

#8: 1945 Romance-Conti Wine – worth $558,000


If you want to collect valuable vintage wines, you must try to acquire this rare bottle from one of the greatest winemakers in Burgundy, France.

Romanee-Conti only produced a total of 600 bottles of this fine wine in 1945. It was also the final year before they changed their vines. Because of its rarity, it deserved its $558,000 price tag.

#7: Macallan’s 64 Whisky in Lalique – worth $625,000

Macallan is well-known for creating the best single-malt whisky. But they chose to break barriers by producing the best one worldwide – the Macallan’s 64 Whisky In Lalique.

The Scottish whiskey distillery limited their production to only luxury four bottles. They housed their signature drink with a bottle made from pure crystal. Because of each bottle’s first-class craftsmanship, it was considered one of the world’s upscale drinks.

#6: Coconut Brandy VS From Mendis – worth $1 Million


Everyone loves coconut in their beverages. But Mendis take it up another notch and came up with a brandy concocted entirely with coconuts.

The US-based brandy brand released a limited-edition bottle numbered and autographed by its founder and owner, W.M Mendis. Because of its uniqueness, it reached a million-dollar price tag.

#5: The Diva Vodka – worth $1 Million

Once you have more than enough money in your bank account and want to try out something different from your usual party drinks, then you must get a Diva Vodka.

It is considered the world’s only vodka filtered using precious and expensive gemstones after going through the traditional filtration process. The liquor is then placed in a liquor bottle that comes with a tube filled with plenty of Swarovski precious crystals located in the middle.

#4: Vodka From Russo-Baltique – worth $1.35 Million


Russo-Baltique may be known as a Russian carmaker, but it can also produce one of the world’s priciest alcohol bottles.

Each bottle is made to appear like classic automobiles. It is topped with a 100% solid gold cover with tiny inlaid diamonds.

You will rarely see any marketing campaign selling this ultra-expensive vodka in the market since it is only intended for the wealthiest Russian billionaires.

#3: Henry IV Dudognon’s Heritage Cognac Grande – worth $2 Million

For a whopping $2 million, you can get a heritage cognac that has been around for a century.

If you want to know how it feels to be royalty, you can enjoy a glass of this vintage drink. You will pour the liquid from a 24-karat solid gold bottle. But the luxury does not stop there. The bottle is placed in a solid platinum case with precious diamonds etched all over.


#2: The Tequila Ley .925 – worth $3.5 Million

The second most expensive alcoholic drink in the world is still unsold and may be waiting for you to be its rightful owner.

This bottle reportedly has a total of 6,400 pieces of diamonds. According to the manufacturer, these gems can help improve the taste of the exquisite tequila.

Aside from its exquisite bottle, you would probably love its flavor since it has been aged in barrels for as long as seven years.

#1: The Billionaire Vodka – worth $3.7 Million

True to its name, the Billionaire Vodka could only appeal to people with that stature.


Iconic designer Leon Verres created five liters of the softest and purest vodka using a Russian recipe. While it uses the traditional distillery processes using pure wheat and clear water, this recipe utilizes real diamonds to filter it.

The bottle is reportedly covered with 3,000 pieces of diamonds and many Swarovski crystals.


Here is the list of 20 of the priciest alcoholic beverages in the world. If you have the means to get at least one item from this list, then go ahead and spend thousands to millions of dollars for a sip of luxury.


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