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Top 10 Fanciest Restaurants Worldwide

If you are a certified foodie, love dining out, and have an exorbitant amount of money to spend, then dining in one of the world’s most expensive restaurants should be included in your schedule.

All the dining establishments in this list aim to provide the most luxurious dining experience to all its guests. But you need to prepare yourself to break the bank to enjoy a posh meal in these restaurants.

From a one-of-a-kind underwater restaurant in the Maldives to the upscale basement sushi dining in Tokyo, here are the ten fanciest restaurants that you can find all over the world.

10 Upscale Restaurants Around The Globe

The restaurants and prices mentioned in this list were gathered from different Internet sources, including Michelon Guide, Money Inc., and Luxhabitat.

Here are the ten priciest restaurants that you can find:


#10: Ithaa Undersea in the Maldives
Estimated cost: $320 per person

The first underwater restaurant in the world can be found at Ranhali Island in the Maldives.

To reserve a seat in this exclusive restaurant, you must be willing to spend at least $320 per seat. But aside from the sumptuous food, you will be treated to an amazing vie five meters under the Indian Ocean. It will allow you to marvel at the majestic life under the water.

The exclusive restaurant can accommodate up to a total of 14 guests. It also serves a fine selection of dishes and cocktails. But to reserve a slot for a four-course lunch or a fantastic six-course dinner prepared by Italian chef Marco Amarone, you need to book a room at the Conrad Rangali.

#9: Aragawa in Tokyo, Japan
Estimated cost: $260 to $370 per person

Who would have thought that you can get a luxurious sushi meal in the basement of an outdated office building in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo?


Unlike most high-end dining establishments that present a tasting menu, the Aragawa provided an a la carte menu. It means you can determine how much you will spend by the items that you order individually.

This restaurant is renowned for its delectable selection of beef entrees made using Kobe and Wagu.

Since these meats are sourced from cattle raised in special conditions, you can expect to put a huge dent in your pockets to pay for these special meals.

#8: Kitcho Arashiyama in Tokyo, Japan
Estimated cost: $570 per person

Tokyo has another entry in the list of the ten fanciest dining establishments in the world. This time, the Kitcho Arashiyama offers diners some of the poshest ingredients that you can find worldwide to create the items in the tasting menu.

Aside from its jaw-dropping meals, Kitcho Arashiyama is also popular for its extremely beautiful ambiance. The restaurant is designed to look like a beautiful ceremony house, complete with tatami mats and traditional low tables with beautiful gardens as the background.


While there are several Kitcho restaurants all over Japan, the Tokyo branch is the only one that earned three Michelin stars.

#7: Guy Savoy in Paris, France
Estimated cost: $385 to $626 per person

French chef Guy Savoy owns two restaurants that have the honor to use his name. The first one is in Paris, while the other one is located in Las Vegas.

Both restaurants have earned several Michelin stars, but the flagship one in France is more famous worldwide. It offers 13 delectable courses from its tasting menu. It will cost you a staggering $626 if you choose to have it without fine wine.

Some of the best meals served in the restaurant include a marinated duck, barbecued pigeon, aubergine caviar, and a special “festival of lobster.”

#6: Restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville in Crissier, Switzerland
Estimated cost: $415 per person


This charming restaurant provides some of the best dining experiences that you can find.

If you are willing to spend a lot of money for an 11-course tasting menu, you will be treated to some of the most mouth-watering meals you can ever have. It includes a fillet of lamb, grilled beef served with wild pepper, and mussels cooked with saffron.

This three Michelin star restaurant also serves a fine list of wines to complement its meals. Since world-class chef Frank Giovani spearheads the kitchen, all cent spend in this restaurant is well worth it.

#5: Maison Pic Valence in Paris, France
Estimated cost: $445 per person

Sophie Pic is the third-generation restauranteur who runs another French three-star Michelin dining establishment.

With your $445, you can expect to get served with a nine-course menu, including a marinated deer in sake, Banon goat cheese berlingots, and some of the world’s best chocolates.


The restaurant is currently in its 130th year in business. It means that the longevity of the restaurant is solid proof that it is worth its price.

#4: Masa in New York, USA
Estimated cost: $595

Chef Massa Takayama launched a posh restaurant that would cost you a little over half a thousand dollars.

Despite its minimalist interiors and simple tasting menu, people from different parts of the globe include this restaurant in their bucket list when visiting the Big Apple.

You may never find a menu in Masa. Instead, the chefs will prepare whatever fresh ingredients that they have on the day.

While the price tag may be too much for regular people, you may save up to have a spot in this trendy restaurant if you want to dine with celebrities and A-listers.


#3: Ultraviolet in Shanghai, China
Estimated cost: $570 to $900 per person

China’s Ultraviolet restaurant is considered one of the most upscale and most exclusive dining institutions worldwide. The damage in your pocket may reach between $570 to $900 per head.

Unlike the other restaurants in this list, there is only one table that can sit up to 10 people at a time.

For close to $900, you may expect to get 10 to 20 tasting courses. The chefs use the finest ingredients and turn them into an innovative meal like no other.

Aside from pleasing your taste buds, Ultraviolet aims to provide an overall dining experience that appeals to your senses. So expect to get awed with impressive audio and video presentations while enjoying your food.

#2: Per Se in New York, US
Estimated cost: $680 per person


Thomas Kellers had his second three-star Michelin restaurant after opening Per Se in 2004.

The restaurant is popular for its exceptionally delicate display and world-class flavors.

There are three different tasting menus available in the restaurant, including a vegetarian option. But most people choose either the American or the French cuisine that is perfected by the team of chefs in the kitchen.

Aside from the jaw-dropping meal, you will enjoy an amazing view of Central Park and Columbus Circle while sipping a glass from the restaurant’S 2,000-bottle collection.

#1: Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain
Estimated cost: $2,380 per person

You must have a bottomless bank account if you want to enjoy a meal in the most expensive dining establishment that you can ever find. After all, the $2,380 price tag is not a joke!


That amount will let you enjoy a sumptuous 20-course tasting menu. However, you need to reserve a spot several months ahead since it is only open from June 1 to September 30 annually.

While enjoying your food, your other senses will also get a treat because of the laser light shows, VR displays, and projection mapping.

If you have all the money in the world, visiting all these expensive restaurants could be included in your life goals.


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