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Top 10 Fanciest Coffees Money Can Buy

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world. According to statistics, people drink approximately 500 billion cups of coffee across the globe annually. That is about 2.25 billion cups of joe per day. If you are one of those who cannot function properly without a much-needed dose of coffee, you might also wonder what are the most expensive kinds of coffees available in the market.

From the coffee plantations in Hawaii, Panama, and Thailand, you will be left in awe by how some of these exceptional coffees are produced.

Just a warning: You might be tempted to drink at least a couple of the items on this list!

Here are the top 10 coffees with the most exorbitant prices in the market.

The 10 Most Extravagant Coffees That You Can Find Worldwide

The coffees and prices included in this list are gathered from different sources all over the Internet, including Money Inc., Javalush, and Finance Online.


These are the upscale coffees that you can find all over the world:

#10: Kona From Hawaii – priced at $35 per pound

The first entry in the list of fanciest coffees is the Hawaiian Kona, which requires you to spend $35 per pound.

To earn the exclusive “Kona Coffee” label, the beans must be directly cultivated from the North and South Kona districts of Hawaii, particularly Mauna Loa and Hualalai’s slopes. These areas have the best conditions for growing coffee plants.

The weather is sunny most of the time, with little wind and rain showers later in the day. The soil in these areas have high mineral content, thanks to the volcanoes nearby.

Kona Coffee is popular for its exquisite and unique flavor. The rarity of the beans made it one of the most expensive coffee products on the market. If you want to get the most out of your money, make sure to check if you are getting “100% Kona Coffee” by reading the labels.


#9: Los Planes from El Salvador – priced at $40 per pound

El Salvadorians are lucky enough to have the family-grown Los Planes coffee nearby.

This multi-awarded coffee product ranked high multiple times in the Cup of Excellence Awards. The first one was in 2006, while the other one was in 2011.

Los Planes coffees come in different varieties, including flavors like tangerine with caramel and brown sugar. While it comes in a very excessive price range, it already has a substantial customer base that loyally buys all their products.

#8: Brazil’s Fazenda Santa Ines – priced at $50 per pound

At $50 per pound, the Fazenda Santa Ines is the eighth entry in the most pricey coffee list worldwide.


The beans were grown in a coffee farm located at the base of Brazil’s Mantiquera mountains. It is highly popular for a sweet and fruity flavor.

With more than a century of coffee growing experience, the Fazenda Santa Ines generated a large consumer following globally, making it easier to justify its high price tag.

#7: Jamaican Blue Coffee – priced at $50 per pound

The Jamaican Blue coffee beans are grown and raised at the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

The area where the coffee beans were planted usually gets an adequate amount of rainfall all year long. It also has well-fertilized soil that can let the beans to prosper.

The coffee is usually described to have a mild taste. It is also popular for not having any immediate after taste or bitterness. Because of this, it is highly popular in Japan.


#6: Hawaiian Molokai – priced at $51 per pound

Hawaii has another entry in the list of posh coffees that you can find in the world is called Molokai. It is planted, harvested, and roasted on the island of Kualapu’u in Maui, known for having some of the most reliable coffee growing conditions worldwide.

The farmers in the area also have plenty of years of refining their coffee-growing skills, which is why the price tag reached $51 for every pound.

#5: St. Helena Coffee – priced at $79 per pound

The small island of St. Helena produces one of the most expensive beans for coffee that you can find. Its strategic geographical location can be credited for the impressive growth of coffee plants, which produce an exquisite-tasting cup of coffee.

Since the island is situated in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, exporting from this site can be a challenge. It is the reason why the coffee from this location comes with a $79 price tag.


#4: Indonesian Kopi Luwak – priced at $160 per pound

Perhaps one of the most popular expensive coffees in the world comes from the least likely places.

Kopi Luwak, a famous coffee from Indonesia, has a very interesting origin story. The coffee cherries that come from trees are fed to Asian Palm Civets. Then the harvesters will wait until the civet expels the beans through their feces.

The unique flavor of the coffee comes from the fermentation process happening inside the civet’s digestive system. Because of its exceptional taste, plenty of people are willing to spend at least $160 per pound.

#3: Panama’s Hacienda La Esmeralda – priced at $350 per pound

Hacienda La Esmeralda was able to get recognition as one of the best coffee producers globally. Despite its staggering $350 price per pound of coffee beans, it still has a wide customer base worldwide.


The beans are grown on a strategic area in Panama’s Mount Baru. The high-quality coffee beans are processed using time-tested methods, which results in excellent coffee.

#2: Guatemala’s Finca El Injerto – priced at more than $500 per pound

You can buy many things for $500, including a pound of the precious Finca El Injerto.

The extremely rare coffee beans can explain the jaw-dropping price. This award-winning coffee comes from years of thorough investigation, innovation, and education that aims to produce the best coffee cup that can please the palate of even the most discerning coffee drinkers in the world.

#1: Thailand’s Black Ivory Coffee – priced at $1000 per pound

Who would have thought that elephants can contribute to producing the most ridiculously-priced coffee that anyone can ever find?


A coffee farm in Northern Thailand produces this amazingly expensive coffee. It utilizes the same production process used in making Kopi Luwak. But instead of civet cats, the coffee cherries are fed to elephants then the harvesters will collect the beans from the feces of these gigantic mammals.

Since a small portion of cherries survives the unique production process, Black Ivory Coffees are extremely rare. It is the reason why you need to pay $1,000 or more to have a taste of this unique yet expensive coffee.


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