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The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room: The Empathy Suite

Have you ever wanted to travel to Las Vegas and stay in one of the many luxurious hotel rooms? Some hotels range from $100 to $150, depending on the amenities and the room. However, these prices are only the tip of the iceberg because there’s one hotel room with a price range of a sports car.

Introducing the Empathy Suite, the most expensive hotel room not just in Las Vegas, but the entire world. You’re going to need to empty your bank accounts because this hotel room will cost you $100,000 per night. For every hour that you stay inside the suite, you have to pay at least $4,167.

Only Two Nights Per Stay?
Even if you’re a millionaire and want to stay here for your honeymoon, the hotel room will only let you stay for up to two nights. The reasons are yet unknown why such a rule exists. But one of the possible reasons is to prevent anyone from damaging the artwork. This hotel room also acts as a gallery through the effort of world-renowned artist Damien Hirst. You will see exotic patterns and unique pieces like sharks suspended in formaldehyde or butterfly flooring patterns when you enter the room. This is something that you do not see every day in hotel rooms.

How to Get a Free Stay
What’s great about the resort is that you have the chance to get a free stay when you meet a specific requirement. That only requirement is to have $1,000,000 in credit at the resort. So before you get the chance to stay for a free night inside the Empathy Suite, you have to spend at least a million dollars to get that free stay.

The Best Parts About the Suite
What you need to know about the Empathy Suite is that it is 9,000 square feet and occupies two storeys inside the Palms. You have access to two master bedrooms and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip. There are also lounges that can fit at least 50 people, a salt relaxation room, massage rooms, two bathrooms, a powder room, and a gym. You can say that you almost have everything that you need.

The Art Gallery
As mentioned a while ago, the Empathy Suite can also be called an art gallery because of the many kinds of art pieces made by Hirst. One of the unique art pieces you can find in that suite is the two bull sharks inside a tank, suspended in formaldehyde. He calls this piece “Winner/Loser.”


Aside from the fish tank, you can also find a translucent cabinet stuffed with pills, which is called “Monet.” Another cabinet has cubic zirconias gem-filled inside it, which Hirst calls “The Winner Takes It All.”

If you have plans on staying there in the future, make sure that you have 100 grand to spend for two nights.


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