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Most Outrageously Expensive Gifts Famous Millionaires Buy for Their Loved Ones


Gift-giving has long been a memorable tradition done to convey your appreciation for loved ones. Whether it be on their birthday, during the holidays, or pretty much any occasion, it can be fun to prepare a gift for anyone. Thinking of the perfect gift can be fun but tricky at the same time, especially with the many options you may have. If you want to take it up a notch and make it more special or personalized, you can always go for a handmade gift that will surely

When shopping for gifts, budget tends to be one of the top considerations. Many people will likely be limited with how much they can spend, but for a select few, money is not as big of a problem. These include celebrities and millionaires, who can afford to indulge in luxuries, whether it be for themselves or for others. Thus, when it comes to gift-giving, millionaires tend to be in a league of their own.

Curious about what millionaires buy as gifts? With much larger spending capacities, you can expect them to be much more extensive with their gift-giving habits. Check out some of the most outrageously expensive gifts that millionaires buy for their loved ones.

Luxury Vacations

Vacation trips are the perfect way to pamper a loved one and give them the time of their lives. However, for millionaires, they like to take the gift up a notch by making it extra luxurious. This means first-class tickets, accommodations that cost tens of thousands of dollars per night, much like Richard Branson’s Necker Island, which charges $30,000 per night. One of the most extreme trips that rich people have been known to give would be a trip to outer space with the Virgin Galactic, which costs about $250,000.

Designer Items


Designer items are one of the most common gifts that millionaires get for loved ones, whether it be bags, clothing, jewelry, or something else. Some common purchases include Gucci’s famous belt worth $320, Fendi’s baguette bag at $1,890, a Prada headband worth $405, and many others. In some cases, millionaires may want to take it to the next level, and one example would be a paid trip to Germany where the recipient gets to create a custom locket from famous jewelry designer Monica Kosann. The gift amounts to about $100,000, well beyond many people’s budgets for gifts.


Vehicles are perhaps one of the most expensive gifts that millionaires give to their loved ones as they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. From a Lamborghini to a Maserati to a Mercedes, there are tons of luxury vehicle brands frequented by millionaires.

Indeed, gift-buying is a whole different experience when millionaires are doing it, especially since they have much larger spending capacities. Thus, you can expect that their gifts will scream luxury, with prices ranging from hundreds of dollars all the way to hundreds and thousands of dollars.


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