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Ashera Cat: The Most Expensive Cat

Homeowners who love having pets have a ton of house pets to choose from. Most typical pets you can find in a household are dogs, fishes, birds, rabbits, and cats. Some pet lovers would even fill their homes with different animals. However, there are pets that you would not find in an average home.

Introducing the Ashera cat, one of the most exotic house pets you can ever get. The cat almost looks the same as a snow leopard, but they are less aggressive than them. There is a reason why this cat is never found in a typical home because it is expensive. Any hybrid cat will always cost people hefty money to buy them.

The reason why the Ashera cat is expensive

The starting price for an Ashera cat cost $28,000. But in some cases, the price can go as high as $125,000, making it the number one most expensive cat breed in 2020. A Los-Angeles firm only produces 5 Ashera kittens each year, which adds even more value. Only a few owners can get their hands on an Ashera cat, so people would usually contact the firm and make a reservation.

What exactly is the Ashera cat?

The Ashera cat has a mixture of three breeds; the Asian Leopard, African Serval, and a domesticated cat. The outcome is a beautiful cat with leopard-like spots but has the face of a domestic cat except for the large pointed ears. The cat can also stand at 4 feet on its hind legs and weighs over 30 pounds, making it an enormous cat.


Usually, the Ashera cat is playful and loves to climb around platforms, so pet owners should provide a larger jungle gym. Adding one can save your curtains from getting ripped apart from the cat’s sharp claws. If you plan to have other pets around the cat, you need to ensure that the Ashera cat is well-trained. Its large size can easily harm smaller pets such as puppies, domestic kittens, mice, etc. It is also not ideal to partner them with other adult domestic cats because there is a high possibility of conflict between them. The best way to own an Ashera cat is to keep it isolated or have no other pets in the room to ensure the cat stays peaceful.

What is good about the Ashera cat is it is friendly to other people. Some owners even say that it acts more like a dog rather than a cat. You can practically leash and walk them around in public areas, and they will not cause any trouble unless provoked.

If you plan on getting an Ashera cat, make sure you have at least $125,000 with you. You have to compete with other buyers because there are only 5 Ashera cats every year. Once you have the cat, you also need to make your house accommodating to ensure they live comfortably.


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