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2 Chainz Tries Out The $10,000 Bulletproof Suit

American rapper 2 Chainz continues to try out the finest things in life through his hit GQ web series “Most Expensivest.” This time, he met up with a stylist from the Toronto, Canada-based fashion brand Garrison Bespoke to check out the CA$10,000 (US$7,714) bulletproof designer suit.

When he arrived at the boutique to meet former stylist JS, the rapper was wearing his usual streetwear. His outfit includes a black hoodie, a black pair of jeans, and several chunky gold accessories during that time. But JS noted that the rapper always makes it a point to change the game of fashion.

Then the stylist showed several pieces of suits that were hanging in their background. One of them is the ultra-expensive bulletproof suit. 2 Chainz noted that the fashion piece was extra heavy since it weighed about 32 pounds. But JS explained that the suit was made using a fabric with patented diamond nanotube created by the US army.

When asked if they tested the efficiency of the suit, JS revealed that they just put the actual suit in a mannequin and shot at it in a firing range. The stylist also showed a video from his phone. The Grammy Award-winner rapper was impressed when he saw that the suit remained intact despite being shot several times with a piston. Then he felt the fabric with his bare hands to see if there are any holes in the suit.

In a separate video, JS poked the suit with a knife several times. The sharp point never punctured the fabric. 2 Chainz even tried to stab the suit himself to check if the stylist is telling the truth, and he proved that the fabric was really impenetrable no matter how hard he poked it.

The “No Lie” rapper asked JS how to obtain a bulletproof suit from the brand. According to the stylist, anyone can go to Garrison Bespoke to have a suit custom-made. However, he noted that it would be challenging to carry the suit across the border. It means that those who want to take one of these suits back to the US must know some high-profile people to make it happen.


2 Chainz also tried out a gray camouflage suit that also comes with a bulletproof feature. JS noted that any suits from their line are customizable to add the special feature, but it will come with a hefty price. Based on the video, 2 Chainz must pay an additional CA$5,000 to make the camp-print jacket bulletproof.

The stylist also revealed that the most expensive item in their bulletproof line could cost as high as $15,000.

Bulletproof garments can go as far back as the 1500s when Italian army captain Francesco Maria I della Rovere asked armorer Filippo Negroli to make him a bulletproof vest. But an Irish tailor created one of the first commercially made bulletproof armor during the 1840s. Today, it is very common for the US armed forces members to protect them during dangerous encounters. Some high-profile personalities also wear bulletproof garments when out in public.


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