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10 Top-of-the-Line Phones Worldwide

Today’s smartphones often come at staggering prices. But those cannot be compared to items that you will find in the list.

The latest top of the line iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is currently priced at $1,099. It may be pretty expensive for most people, but some are willing to spend beyond that.

So prepare to get shocked to see how much you need to spend if you plan to get your hands on one of the most luxurious mobile phones in the market.

10 Jaw-dropping Fancy Phones Anyone Can Find

All the phones and prices mentioned in the list were gathered from different online sources, including Value Walk, Luxhabitat, and Marketing91.

Top 10: The Signature Cobra From Virtu – worth $310,000


Leading the pack of phones with exorbitant prices is the Signature Cobra from British luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu. Finnish phone maker Nokia founded the company.

The Signature Cobra mobile phone is included in the company’s limited-edition series. Each one costs $310,000.

A France-based jewelry company called Boucheron meticulously designed this unique phone line. Each piece was made by hand in the UK/

Aside from its gold plated body, the most notable feature of the Cobra is the solid gold material that is wrapped around the entire phone. It also comes with over four hundred rubies and two emeralds.

Since only eight units ever made, getting one would be impossible, even if you have more than enough bucks to spend.

Top 9: Revolution by GoldVish – worth $488,150


Swiss luxury phone manufacturer GoldVish was able to create the ninth most expensive phone in the market.

The Revolution is a 32-unit luxury phone line that was ever created.

It has a very different shape compared to the common phones that are available in stores. It is one of the best features of the product.

The unique shape came with a white and pink gold case and accessorized with diamonds, fine leather, and an impressive glass display case made of sapphire. It also comes with a detachable analog Fredric Jouvenot watch.

Top 8: Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Phone by Gresso – worth $1 Million

US-based luxury accessories manufacturer Gresso created the eighth most expensive phone the world has ever seen.


For a staggering price of $1 million, you will get your hands on one of the three units ever produced. Each phone was embedded with a unique number on the back of each unit.

The phone is designed with an amazing 180 grams of solid gold and a total of 45.5-carat black diamonds.

It also comes with a back panel made using a piece of wood taken from a 200-year-old African tree, making it stand out against all the other ordinary phones.

To make it more luxurious, all the keys of this phone are adorned with hand-polished 32-carat sapphires.

Top 7: Le Million by GoldVish – worth $1 Million

GoldVish made another entry on the list. This time, the posh phone made the million-dollar mark.


During its release, the Geneva-based luxury phone maker earned the recognition of being the most expensive and most elusive phone worldwide. It was designed by a notable jeweler and watch designer Emmanuel Guest.

The casing of this phone is made using 18-karat white gold material. It is delicately adorned with 120 full carats of VVS1 grade expensive diamonds. It also comes with a sapphire glass display case.

Because of its exclusivity, you will only find three of these in the world.

Top 6: Unique Diamond Crypto Smartphone – worth $1.3 Million

Internationally acclaimed Austrian jeweler and JSC Ancort collaborated to create the posh Diamond Crypto Smartphone.

This phone’s body is almost entirely made of solid high-end platinum, while the brand’s logo and home button are covered with rose gold.


This phone is also covered with fifty diamonds, ten of which are considered rare versions of blue-colored diamonds. You will also find a small portion of wood on the phone’s sides made entirely with Macassar Ebony.

Besides the luxurious-looking phone aesthetics, it also comes with software specifically made to protect the owner’s personal information.

Top 5: Peter Aloisson’s iPhone 3G King’s Button – worth $2.5 Millions

Designed by Austrian jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson, this impressive King’s Button has been considered the most extravagantly priced iPhone ever created.

Instead of the usual materials, the King’s Button comes with a white gold strip that surrounded the phone’s entire edge. It is also adorned with a total of 138 diamonds all over.

The most notable and outlandish feature of this iPhone is the impressive 6.6-carat of expensive diamond that replaced the regular iPhone’s real home button.


Top 4: Impressive Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – worth $3.2 Million

Like the previous Kings Button, the Goldstriker 3G Supreme made the tech-savvy favorite iPhone look and feel more luxurious than it originally was.

Created by luxury device designer Stuart Hughes, this flagship product from the Cupertino-based company is encrusted with 271 grams of 22-karat gold.

It also features 136 diamonds on the bezel, while the signature Apple logo on the rear portion of the phone is beautified with 53 diamonds.

This phone also comes with a diamond made to replace the home button. But this time, the size of the diamond is an impressive 7.1 carats.

Apart from the luxurious phone, the wealthy individuals who will buy this product will receive a posh solid granite box made using a single granite piece and adorned with genuine top-grain leather and solid Kashmir gold.


Top 3: iPhone 4 Customize Diamond Rose Edition by Stuart Hughes – worth $8 Million

Stuart Hughes surpassed his previous achievement by creating an even more expensive version of the iPhone. This time, he opted to beautify the iPhone 4.

There are only two iPhone 4 Customized Diamond Rose Edition worldwide, which means that each product is specifically made for wealthy owners.

Each customized phone is made using solid rose gold. It also comes with 500 pieces of 100-carat diamonds. Even the Apple logo got a design update with 53 diamonds.

But the diamonds do not end there. The home button of this device was replaced with a 7.4-carat of rare pink diamond.

Top 2: Stuart Hughes Customized iPhone 4s Elire Gold – worth $9.4 Million


For the third time in a row, Stuart Hughe’s customized luxury phone product made it to the list of the fanciest phones ever made.

The designer created a handmade unit with a body cited with 500 pieces of 100-carat diamonds this time. The rear panel and the signature Apple logo are also made using 24-karat gold.

While it still comes with 53 diamonds that adorn the logo, this model’s home button has a shocking 8.6-carat diamond. If you are unfortunate enough to lose the large diamond home button, you will use the extra 7.6-carat luxurious diamond as your replacement.

This device also comes with a solid platinum case with polished pieces of extraordinary genuine T-Rex dinosaurs’ bone.

Top 1: Supernova iPhone 6 Customized Pink Diamond by Falcon Luxury – worth $48.5 Million

Private design studio Falcon Luxury beat all the most expensive phones on the list by releasing the impressive Supernova iPhone 6 Customized Pink Diamond.


Introduced in 2004, the customized Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 is fully covered with 24-karat gold. It is also accessorized with a single massive pink diamond at the back.

Because of its price, only one item was ever made. The lucky owner of this one-of-a-kind smartphone is Nita Ambani, an Indian philanthropist and wife of Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani.


Mobile phones have become a necessity in this time and age. But if you have all the money in the world, you can turn this necessity into luxury by buying customized units like those on this list.


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