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Why You Should Prioritize Taking Care of Yourself

Have you ever encountered something in life where you were so busy with life that you tend to lose yourself amidst the chaos? In some cases, you can pull it off and get your head together. But there will be certain moments when you can no longer handle all of them, so your mind completely shuts down until you feel empty inside.

Most of the time, you can get emotionally stressed whenever you focus too much on helping others that you do not have time to take care of yourself. Giving out more for others than yourself is risky, especially if you are constantly battling your issues alone. Make it a point to prioritize yourself so that you can help others without any consequence.

The True Meaning of Taking Care of Yourself

Some people are so good at taking care of others that they cannot do the same for themselves. Some even give so much that they are always the person others turn to when they need help from someone. But when the moment comes that they need to take care of themselves, they are labeled as selfish and disrespectful. The people who complain are not aware that people also need to give some time for themselves. They also need to recharge their helping abilities because they frequently give to the point they forget to give themselves.

Think of something that will make you happy and not worry about anything. That is already one method of taking care of yourself. And if you are not yet used to asking for help from others, you should try it. There is a reason why everyone needs to have friends, relatives, or loved ones that they can count on when times get rough. You should try to reach out to them for help whenever you can because you deserve it, just like those who ask for your help.

Misconceptions About Self-Care


Aside from being labeled as selfish, one misconception about taking care of oneself is that you do not necessarily have to save everyone. This is what you would call the “savior complex,” wherein you are obligated to help everyone as much as you can. That is not the case because you are only human. Every person has a limit on how much energy they can use to help people out. Forcing yourself even if you do not have the energy is destructive and will cause more damage to yourself.

Another misconception is that creating a boundary on how much help you can give will drive people away. There is a good reason why you should set boundaries, and that is because people may take the opportunity if you show too much interest in helping others. Make sure to set a limit as to how much you can help to prevent any adverse outcomes.

Never be afraid to put yourself first above anyone else. You will need to take care of yourself first before helping other people. This way, you will know how to recharge and feel like a winner again whenever things go downhill.


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