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Why Going After Happiness Can Make You Feel Unhappy

Did you ever feel unhappy each time you try to go after happiness?

It may sound absurd, but more people believe that running after your happiness can make you happy. Yet this is very far from reality. Most of the time, chasing after your perceived happiness will only make you feel bummed out.

There is actually a familiar feeling that you may get from chasing happiness. It may leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. The added pressure to feel happy at all times may wear you down. In all honesty, you will never really understand what real happiness is. Your beliefs could be based on the preconceived notion of society.

If you feel that your constant quest for happiness is only making you feel more miserable than satisfied, here are some explanations that can help you cope with your emotions so you can fix them.

Common Misconceptions About Happiness

There are three popular myths spread by society that established how people view happiness. First, people believe that happiness means you must not get any negative feelings. They also believe that being successful is equivalent to happiness, and the feeling of being happy is only achievable using one formula.


Why You Must Never Chase Happiness

Some people may warn you that you will only fail if you spend your entire life trying to run after happiness. The pursuit of happiness will only make you feel disgruntled and regretful like most people. But your only edge against them is you choose to pretend to be happy instead of showing your sad emotions.

If you choose to chase after happiness, you will find yourself having lesser time to feel free. It will only occupy most of your precious time going after something that may not satisfy you in the long run.

How To Achieve The True Meaning of Happiness

Instead of wasting your time chasing after your preconceived happiness, you can choose to get the real version of happiness by doing these tips:

#1: Adjust Your Values


Determine which things are really meaningful for your life. It will help in feeding your passion and provide you with a real sense of purpose.

#2: Do What You Enjoy The Most

If you choose to chase happiness, it will leave you with barely enough time to focus on other things in your life. So instead of investing time and effort in this overwhelming process, you must use your precious time doing something that you truly enjoy. It could be as simple as writing, biking, or painting as long as you find pleasure doing those activities.

#3: Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

Anyone who will claim that they have a perfect life is lying. But it does not mean that you will not try to have a happy and contented life. You only need to stay away from the idea that you should be happy all day and night. It is okay to feel sad once in a while. It will make you appreciate the moments of joy when it comes to your life.

Final Pointers


Experiencing the true meaning of happiness by looking at what is already there instead of chasing happiness can make sure that you feel fully alive. Just appreciate what you have instead of running after what you do not possess. It will make your happiness more fulfilling.


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