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What You Need to Know About Wikibuy

You may have seen Wikibuy pop up on several websites and promote their brand. You need to know that Wikibuy is one of the many digital coupon and low-cost-guarantee companies winning over the attention of online shoppers. Capital One acquired Wikibuy in 2018 and offers different discounts and deals through a card-linking, browser extension, and gets the chance to shop on its website with the promoted deals.

The Important Features of Wikibuy

What is wikibuy, you may ask? Generally, you can install a browser extension that helps you look for great deals and discounts on any product. However, it is more than a browser extension now because of the many added features added throughout the years. You can find several features that most people use when using Wikibuy.

• Mobile Price Comparison – What is excellent about Wikibuy is the user can access it through their phones. You can text and communicate with Wikibuy to ensure you pay the lowest price on a product you want to buy. You can do it by sharing the product link by sending it to Wikibuy through text. While there are costs and fees when sending a text message, the feature only applies to Amazon products, so you cannot use it on other online shopping stores.

• Featured Offers – When you visit Wikibuy’s website, you will be greeted with their Featured Offers in a scroll-through slideshow. You can use the feature to check out different deals every day.

• Watchlist – You can use this feature when you have a product you want to buy, but it is too expensive to buy yet. Once the product goes on sale, it will send a notification alert on your computer or phone telling you that it is on sale.


• Universal Product Search – If you are looking for a product, you can do that with ease by utilizing the search bar at the homepage’s top. After typing in the product you are looking for, it will give you a list of related products and provide coupons, credits, or potential savings after buying it. Once you have chosen the product, Wikibuy will quickly go over listings to ensure you get a hold of the lowest price and link to the other online store’s website, and finally make your purchase.

Wikibuy’s logo along with its parent organization Capital One.

The Benefits of Wikibuy

While the wikibuy vs honey debate is still ongoing, both of their primary responsibilities are to help you save money without a problem. However, most users prefer using Wikibuy over Honey because it can compare offers from different merchants. Wikibuy also favors eBay’s results more, making it a favorite for some general online shoppers while others dislike it. It would be best to use Wikibuy more if you want to compare costs that have extra information such as costs and shipping times.

Now that you know a little bit about Wikibuy, you may want to keep using it every time you are shopping online to help you save money.


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