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What Is the Routing Number for Wells Fargo In North Carolina?

In the year 1852, Henry Wells and William Fargo put up Wells, Fargo & Co. They put up their establishment in the West and offered banking service. During that time, they bought gold and sold paper bank drafts.

They likewise offered the speedy delivery of gold and other valuable items from one place to another. Wells, Fargo & Co. became known for this because they will get the item transported through many means. They used a stagecoach, a steamship, the railroad, pony rides, or by telegraph. By the year 1866, Wells, Fargo & Co. became even more successful. Two years later, they became the first nationwide express company as they attempted to deliver valuables across the ocean to get to different 25 states.

The bank of Wells, Fargo & Co. likewise grew. However, in 1918, the government had to take over the express network to help them in their efforts against World War I. By then, Wells, Fargo, & Co. was left only with one bank. That bank is the one in San Francisco.

After the war, Wells, Fargo & Co rebuilt its banking business across the West and in many more areas in the United States.

Later, new banking concepts were introduced by these major banks, one of them being Wells Fargo. One of these innovations pertains to a routing number. The routing number is a set of numbers containing nine digits. This is necessary to process different transactions you make to and from Wells Fargo.

If you are in North Carolina, your routing number is 053000219. However, if you are out of the country and is planning to make a transaction to Wells Fargo, you would need the International Wire Transfer routing number, which is 121000248.


The routing number of Wells Fargo in North Carolina is necessary to set up a direct deposit, pay bills automatically, pay in check, make a wire transfer, and the like. The routing number has so many uses, so you should always have a copy of the routing number with you. Routing numbers got invented to help you make transactions anywhere and anytime. If you do not know your routing number, your transaction will not get processed, and you would have to go to the bank to make your transaction.

Wells Fargo Tower in North Carolina

Just remember that there are two different routing numbers for Wells Fargo account holders in North Carolina. One is for transferring to any Wells Fargo account, while the other is for domestic transfers to other banks.

The routing number is also necessary to encash checks. The routing number is located on the bottom left of the check. Those numbers are there to identify the origin of the check and where it is supposed to go.

Memorize your North Carolina Wells Fargo routing number if you can. You do not want to have problems like having delayed responses from the bank or mistakenly transferring it to another person’s account. Always double-check so you do not have to worry about anything when you process a transaction that needs the routing number.


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