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What Is the Purpose of NFCU Routing Number

The Navy Federal Credit Union has over 8.5 million members, consisting of veterans, reservists, active-duty service members, and their families. The NFCU (also called Navy Federal) has a headquarter in Vienna, Virginia, and it is considered the biggest credit union in the world. Members receive and send money on a regular basis. If you are a customer of the union, it is essential that you know the nfcu routing number and its uses. The good news is that this routing number is only one for all members in any location.

This global credit union offers a variety of services and suitable for individuals who:

• Want to deal with credit unions than perform bank transactions
• Prefer to handle their banking and financial needs in one place
• Opt for a no-frills account in their certificates of deposit and savings.
• Work in the military and defense industry, or members of their families

While this full-service credit union is designed for the armed forces, the membership goes beyond the naval force. All military branches may qualify, including annuitants, ROTC members, and Delayed Entry Program members. Specific civilians are also eligible, for example, contractors of Department of Defense, US government employees who have assignments at DoD installations, as well as retired DoD workers.

The membership eligibility extends to the siblings, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, and other family members. If you know you will get approval, the process of opening an account with the NFCU is the same with other banks.

The NFCU Routing Number


If you become a member of the Navy Federal, the bank routing number you need is 256074974. You can use this 9-digit routing transfer number for wire transfers, transferring money, tax refunds, ACH transfers or payments, and doing automatic bill payments or direct deposit.

The nfcu routing number is also referred to as ABA RTN, ABA routing transit number, Routing Transit Number, or Navy Federal’s Routing Number. The routing number 256074974 means you are a member of the financial institution. This ensures accurate money transfer between financial institutions. NFCU can beat many other bank rates at any given day, living up to the expectations of the people for a full-service credit union. Being a member means benefiting from the special accounts, discounts, lower interest rates, etc., particularly if you have good credit.

The Navy Federal offer many loan products to qualified military personnel and their families. Some common financial products that the Navy Federal Credit Union offers include:

• VA loans
• Personal loans
• Mortgages
• IRAs
• Student loans
• Business credit cards
• Home equity lines of credit
• Auto, RV, motorcycle, and boat loans

NFCU routing number

NFCU Customer Service

Customers have a range of options if you have any concerns or questions regarding the Navy Federal Credit Union. NFCU customer support is available 24/7 for customers. The number 1-703-255-8837 is available for international callers while 1-703-255-8837 accommodates domestic callers. You may also visit the NFCU website and choose the chat option for a real-time talk with a customer service representative. Moreover, you may also reach them via social media or en email.


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