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Ways to Retrieve the PNC Routing Number

What do the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, the George Washington Bridge and the Empire State Building have in common? All these structures use steel from Pittsburgh which is why the city has been nicknamed the “Steel City.” In the late 19th to the mid-20th centuries, the city of Pittsburgh provided the raw materials for several industries such as iron, steel, and glass. In the finance and banking sector, the Pittsburgh National Bank was established. As the industries advanced, the banking industry flourished and expanded its businesses.

The Pittsburgh National Bank became a subsidiary of the Pittsburgh National Corporation (PNC), and it has been known as a distinguished bank in Pennsylvania. Mergers and acquisitions by several other institutions occurred and the PNC Bank developed a pnc routing number pittsburgh to identify the transaction. Nowadays, there are several routing numbers to accommodate the growing number of financial transactions. There are various ways to easily retrieve the pnc routing number pittsburgh.

Online Banking

Pittsburgh is known to have more bars per capita than any other U.S. city. Let us say that a bar owner would like to utilize direct payroll deposits. Now, all electronic transactions such as sending and receiving money in the U.S. require a routing number. You can use online banking and enroll in an online bank account. Once you have activated the online statements within online banking, you can retrieve the pnc routing number pittsburgh.

Calling The Bank

The safest way to retrieve the pnc routing number pittsburgh is by calling the bank. The bank will ask where you opened the account so they can give the correct routing number in that region. A customer service representative will require identification details for security purposes then the representative will confirm the routing number of the account.


Federal Reserve

If you wanted to transfer funds from one bank to your account in Pittsburgh, you would need to identify the routing number to confirm the funds transfer to your account. The nine-digit routing number lets other banks know where to send the money and direct funds to the appropriate location. You can view the routing number at the official website of the Federal Reserve.

Multiple ways are available to easily retrieve the pnc routing number pittsburgh for all electronic transactions used in bank processes.


In recent years, Pittsburgh has become a frontrunner in the technology sector, such as medical advances, high tech software industries, and robotics. In the issuance of checks, multiple PNC routing numbers can be confusing. You can view the routing number at the bottom of your checks. If you do not have a checkbook on hand, your routing number is available if you have a recently written check posted in your online bank account. The routing numbers allow checks to be cleared and cashed in an instant.

The PNC bank that originated in Pennsylvania operates in 19 other states with different PNC routing numbers, including Pittsburgh. Originally, there were six routing numbers. There are states like Pennsylvania with several PNC routing numbers, so make sure to double-check the routing number and check at different times to ensure that your money is sent to the right place.


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