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Understanding Intentional Quality Output With James Williams

Do you ever find yourself wanting to change your life for the better? Performance Breakthrough coach and motivational speaker James Williams talked about how premeditated quality output can guide your way to significant breakthroughs.

When asked by The Lifehack Show what Performance Breakthrough is, Williams explained that he realized that when he got the high-performance coaching certificate in 2015, there is exactly one primary difference between high performances and other people who feel limited finding their breakthrough opportunity.

He also believes that humans are capable of adapting to any situation. According to Williams, people can achieve and perform anything at a much higher level than they can realize. As a high-performance coach, he can help people who have the intention to be more and live more, be satisfied, and successful by figuring out what their breakthrough opportunity is and support them to achieve their goals.

He also teaches his clients that they are not limited by their current situation but instead thrive using their imagination and creativity. It can help them go somewhere way beyond they can ever imagine.

In terms of his coaching style to identify his client’s breakthroughs, he explained that it is fairly subjective to the client since there are plenty of differences where a person’s breakthrough comes from. He shared that there are major pillars that they can focus on.

Based on his answers when asked about identifying breakthroughs, Williams pointed out that language is highly essential when pertaining to the process of finding the breakthrough. If you talk about a problem, it will lead you into the position of victimhood and make you feel that it would be hard to overcome your hurdles. But if you refer to it as an opportunity, it will put you into a position of power despite some deficiency and shortcomings.


For the Performance Breakthrough coach, being aware of the limitations and taking responsibility in how his clients choose to experience the world and not blaming it, they can think of it to help them grow, evolve, or adapt.

He noticed that they are the ones who experienced burnouts because they lack knowledge about intentional quality output. It means that no matter how intense their efforts are in everything they do if they do not pay attention to their endeavors’ quality, they will not return on their effort investments. It means that creating inner world mastery by focusing on the mastery they need to put in place will reflect the results they will get back.

Most importantly, Williams reiterated the importance of the “business of you.” It means that you need to prioritize yourself in every aspect of your life since you are the vessel that could lead you to success. You must also know how to slow down and assess where your life lies to be aware of the situation every day to know your needs. If you believe that you do not have time to do these things, it means that you would need inner world mastery to have a quality output in life.


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