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Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number – What Is It in Connecticut?

People who established the TD bank did not always call it as such. It was first established as The Bank of Toronto, and it was founded in the year 1855. Millers and merchants constructed it because they wanted to provide financial services as Canada’s train industry was starting to emerge. It later expanded to Ontario and Montreal five years later.

By the year 1920, the Bank of Toronto was so successful it already has 161 branches. Another successful bank was The Dominion Bank. Both were thriving separately. But because of the Great Depression and the years that went to war, the two banks decided to merge. In 1955, the Toronto Dominion Bank got established, and it led to the opening of 499 branches.

Within a decade after the merging, the Toronto Dominion Bank ventured into different businesses locally and internationally. Last 2015, they celebrated their 160th year of serving the people.

Because of another merger, the Toronto Dominion Bank became the TD Bank. Its merger with Commerce Bancorp brought about the goal to maintain the status of being “America’s Most Convenient Bank.”

And what is a better way to make your convenience the priority during transfers and other bank transactions with TD Bank? Through the use of a routing number.

The routing number has been around as early as 1910. This came after the American Bankers Association created bank routing numbers to identify financial institutions quickly. Through this identification, your money goes to the right people and accounts.


A routing number usually contains nine digits. For TD Bank, they have different routing numbers for every state. So if you have an account in Connecticut or want to make a transaction to a TD bank account holder in the state above, your routing number is 011103093.

TD Bank sample check and routing numbers.

Note that you need to remember this routing number. If you make a transaction and you put in the wrong routing number, there is a good chance your transaction will get rejected. The money you used for the process will get returned to you because the routing number does not match with the name and account number. However, what you might not get back is the amount of fees you paid for during the process. So, to avoid these hassles, you should always use your routing number and check them before you proceed with the transaction.

Also, remember that the routing number you need will vary for the transaction you want to make. To find your correct routing number if you are a TD account holder in Connecticut or you need to make a transaction with one living there, you can check it out in your TD Bank checking account. If you do not have that, you can also see the lower-left set of numbers on the check. You can also call TD Bank through their number 888-751-9000 in case you need any assistance. Never fail to ask for assistance if you need to because you do not want your time and money going to waste just because you did not know your routing number.


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