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Top 5 Impressive Patek Philippe Skeleton Watches You Need To Invest In

Watch enthusiasts all over the world either own or dream of owning a Patek Philippe timepiece. This Swiss luxury watchmaker is known for making some of the most sophisticated clocks and watches worldwide. Even the most valuable persons worldwide have at least one Patek Philippe watch in their collection, including Queen Elizabeth II. This prestigious watch brand is also popular for its classic creations that can transcend through time.

One of the most iconic models under this brand is the Patek Philippe Skeleton watch, introduced in 1981. This particular model allows the owners to look at the intricate mechanisms inside the timepiece. But aside from the state-of-the-art components that can be through the transparent glass casing, owners of this model can take pleasure in admiring the gold and precious jewels laid carefully into the mechanisms. They can also revel in one-of-a-kind, hand-cut engraving that is unique to each unit.

Polish watch manufacturer Antoni Patek and his Czech-Polish business partner Franciszek Capek formed the Patek, Capek & Cie in Geneva, Switzerland, in May 1839, but they eventually parted due to disagreements. Later on, Patek worked with French watchmaker Adrien Philippe to form a new company called Patek, Philippe & Cie, which later on renamed Patek Philippe.

The company has a long history of creating classic timepieces. They eventually included more contemporary, youthful watches to attract the most discerning customers. In 1981, they created the first-ever self-winding Skeleton watch model called the #3878. The success of this intricately designed watch prompted the watchmaker to come up with skeletonized models of their products. However, the company opted to limit these special models to retain its exclusivity. According to reports, there are only about 60 Skeleton watches made by Patek Philippe from 1980 to 1990.

Here are some of the best Patek Philippe Skeleton watches that are worthy of your hard-earned cash.

#1: The $95,000 Rose Gold Calatrava Skeleton For Ladies


Patel Philippe created a rose gold model of their popular Ref. 5180/1R Calatrova Skeleton watches during the 40th anniversary of one of their iconic rose gold models in 2017. The fine, self-winding movement watch comes in a transparent, rose gold case with a matching sapphire back. It is the first skeleton model that uses a winding mechanism engraved with the signature Patek Philippe seal and logo. Aside from the charming aesthetics, this watch’s value increased due to its 22k gold mini rotor located in the middle.

#2: $97,000 Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch

Another noteworthy Patek Philippe Skeleton watch is the slick 7180/1G Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch. This transparent wristwatch is built with the signature Patek Philippe features, including the 30-meter water resistance, 43-hour power reserve, shock absorption, and sapphire crystal case. Apart from its gold mechanisms, this model comes with 18 jewels laid by highly-skilled watchmakers by hand. It also stands out because of its exceptional dark blue steel hands on top of a dark black display.

#3: $57,000 18K Gold Automatic Watch

The 3878 wristwatch made by the Swiss luxury watchmaker has an ultra-thin gilt with an exquisite mini rotor. The mechanism of this watch has a whopping 27 set jewels, with a distinctive cabochon sapphire. This wristwatch also comes with solid 18k gold hardware on the leather bracelet.

#4: $30,000 Solid Gold Manual Wind Skeleton Wristwatch


Patel Philippe created the Ref. 3880 wristwatch with a posh 18k gold material. It has a carefully crafted, elliptical transparent case divided into two parts. It is known for resembling the original Patek Philippe skeleton collection. But one of the best features that set it apart from the other skeleton models is its revolutionary blue steel cathedral hands.

#5: $20,000 Manual Wind Yellow And Gold Wristwatch

The Swiss watch brand made a skeletonized version of its signature Ref. 3885 manual winding yellow gold and enamel watch in 1992. It features a two-part 18k solid gold see-through casing with a snap located on its elegant sapphire back. It also comes with a blue-colored outer band made with enamel material.


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