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Top 3 Richest Bachelors According to Forbes

You will notice a few names pop up in your newsfeed about a person being the youngest billionaire every day. Some of these have had years of ups and downs with their businesses, leading them to who they are today. However, these following billionaires all share one thing in common and that all three of them are bachelors.

Even with all of the money, they still haven’t had the time to marry the woman of their dreams because they’re either too busy running the company or they simply haven’t found a woman to marry yet. With that said, let’s take a look at the top three richest bachelors, according to Forbes.

Robert Pera
Taking the first spot is the man known as Robert Pera. He is a former employee in Apple and the founder of Ebiquity Networks and has a current net worth of over $14.8 billion as of December 7, 2020. It was not a smooth journey running his company. Many ups and downs led the company into shambles, causing Pera’s net worth to reduce significantly.

Robert Pera was born in 1978 and studied and graduated from the University of California. He has a Degree and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and even went and had a Degree in Japanese.

Mikhail Prokhorov
He takes the number two spot on this list because he is one of the most eligible bachelors that are over 50 years old and is also the richest bachelor with a net worth of $11.4 billion. What you need to know about Mikhail is that until 2018, he was the owner of the NBA team, Brooklyn Nets. He later sold the team to Joseph Tsai of Alibaba for $2.3 billion for Mikhail Prokhorov’s 49% stake.

He was born in 1965 in Moscow, Russia. Studied in Moscow and eventually founded corporations like Interros and Onexim Group. In 2010, he finally decided to purchase the New Jersey Nets for $223 million and wanted to change the name to Brooklyn Nets.


Jan Koum
If you’ve used WhatsApp, you might have heard about the co-founder Jan Koum. He is the second richest bachelor on the list, with a net worth of over $9.7 billion. The reason for Jan’s net worth was when he and Brian Acton sold the messaging application to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, for $22 billion back in 2014. He eventually retained his CEO position until 2018 and was also the year he left the Facebook board.

Jan is also known to have come from humble beginnings. Born in 1976 in Kyiv, Ukraine, he was born in a poor Jewish family where his family suffered political strife. The living conditions were so tough that his family moved to the United States, where he began a new life there.

These three inspiring bachelors prove that no hardship should stop someone from reaching their goals and dreams in life.


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