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Tips on Earning Money Without Being Employed

Some people just don’t like to be employed. For whatever reason, they prefer it that way. But they have needs and wants that require money. Whether you’re earning $50,000 a month in your pencil-pushing job or simply pick up a couple of dollars to settle the bills, there are a number of opportunities to make money without being employed.

Most of these positions are internet-based, while others are unusual jobs or creative strategies. But whatever your choice is, it will need the internet. Make use of it, market yourself and your skill you like to leverage to earn. You must have a thick face in promoting yourself, especially in the freelance sector, where huge income disparities are apparent.

No Job, No Problem

Mystery Shopping

Is shopping your thing? This can be a great form of activity that will get you paid. You can be a mystery shopping looking for damage issues on products and scrutinizing every feature or detail of the item. There’s actually a website that you can apply for this type of position. You simply have to write reports about retailers or establishments after your visits, and your feedback will be used to rate staff performance. They’re all useful so companies can modify or elevate the customer experience.

Market Your Stock Photos


If you have quite a collection of stock photos, you might as well make the most out of it by selling them online. You can upload it to a platform so other individuals can have a chance to use them. Most photographers or people who aren’t even photo enthusiasts make a living out of these stock photos. They get paid six figures by simply uploading these pictures online and wait for browsers to choose contents and buy them.

Purchase Bitcoin

Several websites that market bitcoins, and you can start with small amounts. The largest gains may have already been gone, but you can check the progress of your investment. Then watch out for the trending cryptocurrency and jump in as quick as you can. You’ll notice you’ve doubled your investment over time.

Invest in cryptocurrency and you’ll earn just like the CEO of a conglomerate.

Rent Or Sell Your Things

Used items are quite popular nowadays. Perform a spring cleaning and check every corner of your room, get rid of things you no longer use. Try to sell them online, several platforms are available for this type of activity. If you have a spare room or space, and you’re about to go on a long trip, consider renting that room. There are many tourists who prefer to go for an Airbnb-type of accommodation than in a hotel. It’s much cheaper, safer, and convenient.

Join And Answer Surveys

It sounds weird but not impossible to earn money from participating in an online survey. The pay varies and may not be that huge, but you’ll see it is actually a considerable sum when you gather your profit from this kind of job. You can begin by checking out survey-related websites, most of them pay you in gift cards, but others give out cash. Either way, you still earn from giving your opinion.


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