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The Worst Colleges in America in Low ROI

When it comes to higher education, students and parents must look at it for the longer term. One vital factor to consider is the ability to fund graduate school. The best colleges mean getting the most of its quality of education, school reputation and overall ranking, annual cost, percentage of graduates who obtain jobs quickly, and a few more. When it comes to the return of investment, you want to think of it for about 20 years. This is because the student loan accrued over the years can impact the ability of the student and their family to save money, including for retirement.

So, what are the things that will make enrolling in a college a bad decision? The following are the worst colleges in america to get your higher education.

The University of South Carolina

Established in 1961, the University of South Carolina is a new public college at Aiken with only below 3,400 undergraduates. The school has $41,000 median starting income for its graduates, and $18,500 annual cost. It has 41% graduation rate. The University of South Carolina students say that there is nothing much to do there and the community mostly comprises of retirees. Considering that the community is fairly inactive, it lacks recreation, activities, and opportunities to find a good job after graduation within the area.

Columbia College Hollywood

You can find this private film school in Los Angeles, California. It belongs to the worst colleges in america due to their quite low graduation rate of 35%. The cost of tuition is $10,000, which runs above the average. With this, the students acquire high amounts of debts upon graduation. The school also has a higher rate of loan default, indicating that graduates have trouble securing a stable and well-paid job.


DeVry University

Only 29% of the students at DeVry University graduate. Located in Illinois, graduate students have an average debt of $43,000. The Federal Trade Commission sued this college institution because they have provided misleading information regarding the likelihood of finding employment. Besides the high borrowing rates and the low graduation rates, it is better to avoid an institution that is involved in a lawsuit or under investigation. It may deter potential employers from hiring you.

Mt. Sierra College

Situated in California, Mt. Sierra College has an extremely low graduation rate of 6.2%. The institution is relatively new, as it started its operation only in 1990. While the college offers a variety of courses, it seems that students do not stay to finish their degrees. The annual cost is about $16,000, with a low reputation due to its graduation rate. For this reason, companies and employers are likely to favor graduates from other colleges.

College students

Black Hills State University

This institution has a population of 4,000 undergraduates. Unfortunately, Black Hills State University has a negative ROI of -$24,000. Students accumulate $25,400 of loan debt on average, and the annual cost is $72,400 for a bachelor’s degree. In other words, the cost of attendance to this university cannot justify upon graduation, as students are not earning good money after.

There are over 3,000 colleges in the U.S. to choose from, giving you unlimited options. Make sure to consider vital factors, so you do not end up in one of the worst colleges in america.


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