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The Importance of Books and How to Get Free Books for Children

The famous author of the Harry Potter series of books has once been quoted as saying, “I do believe that something very magical can happen when you read a book.”. This quote is true indeed since reading a book increases a person’s literacy skills. That is why having your home library is very important if you want your children to grow up with high intellects.

When you have many books in your home, these books will encourage your children to read more. Even during digital screens and content, having a book that can be manipulated and read by your children is still very important. Teaching your children to value a book is one of the best lessons you can impart to them. Likewise, letting your children choose new books can be a fun adventure for them as well.

The Importance of Having Books at Home

There have been studies that show the positive benefits books have for children. A twenty-year study showed a positive correlation between the presence of a home library and children’s academic success in terms of vocabulary development, focus and attention, and job attainment. Likewise, the research also concluded that adolescent children exposed to books developed better long-term cognitive competencies and practiced better social etiquette. Furthermore, the study also revealed the difference between children who grew up in a bookless home compared to children raised in a home with a home library with at least 500 books. The study showed that children raised in a home filled with books had a 3.2-year average educational advantage over children raised in a bookless home.

Accumulating five hundred books to fill up a home library can be a very costly endeavor. However, the study also showed that having as few as twenty books at home may still significantly increase children’s academic performance.

Little Free Libraries such as the one feature above can allow children to have free books.

How to Increase Your Home’s Library Collection

Increasing and updating your home library collection may be an expensive and exhausting task. However, different options can allow you to obtain books at very low costs or even for free.


Paper-based books are still appealing to a lot of people, no matter how old they are. Young children may find it fun to turn heavy pages of board books. Older kids may enjoy putting dog-ears or bookmarking pages of paperback novels that they have yet to finished.

Some organizations and programs help schools and low-income kids get access to free books. Here is a list of different organizations that you may get free books from.


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