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Survey Websites: A Waste Of Time Or Easy Way To Make Quick Cash?

Survey website

Survey websites have been popular since the early days of the internet. In fact, they used to be more popular in the past than they are now, thanks to advances in marketing techniques and strategies. But that doesn’t mean they have completely phased out yet. It’s good news for people who want to make money online without investing time and resources in learning a marketable skill.

Can Survey Websites Help You Make Money In 2021?


Survey websites come in a variety of flavors, and not all might allow you to earn hard cash or even quick cash, but almost all survey sites can benefit you in some way (financially). They might offer discount coupons, gift cards, or points you can redeem for specific purchases. But while they do let you make money, it’s important to understand what survey websites are and what they are not.

A Side Income

Survey websites can be considered a side hustle. They can help you make a small sum of money taking surveys, watching videos, filling out forms, or even playing games. Most of these tasks only require your time and attention and no special skills. Consequently, they tend to pay you a limited amount of money.

Most Swagbuck users, which is one of the most prominent and trusted survey sites, make about $1 to $2 a day. In fact, the lower sum actually contributes to the credibility of a survey website because if a website is committing $10-$20 or more for taking a survey that is open for everyone and takes one or two hours, it’s probably scamming you.

Limitations Of Survey Websites

Survey websites are not a replacement for your regular income source. Even if you are willing to put in a significant portion of your time every day (8 to 10 hours), you might not be able to replace a regular income for one of two reasons. Since survey websites don’t require any special skills and effort, they tend to pay significantly less per hour than any real job/task would.


Secondly, survey websites benefit from more people watching surveys than a few people watching more surveys. So they cap the number of surveys each user can take or the amount of money each user can earn in a given time frame.

Other limitations of survey websites arise from their target audience needs. Not all locations might be open to all surveys. If you live in a relatively remote location, you are likely to have access to fewer surveys than someone living in a major city.


The best way to optimize your survey website income is to try most or all of them, then pick the ones that require the least amount of time/effort for the most money. By concentrating your efforts on a few select websites, you are likely to earn a sizeable enough sum from the surveys.


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