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Survey Junkie Review: Is It Legit?

People are looking for ways to come up with easy money, especially since the pandemic has put millions of people out of jobs. Some turn to online selling, while others found themselves working freelance rather than working for a company as an employee. But if you want to make money that does not require too much effort, you should try out Survey Junkie.

To put it simply, Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that compensates people for giving out their opinions. Every survey a user writes is worth a specific number of points that can be redeemable as gift cards or cash. Survey Junkie is not the first online survey platform to exist, yet it is one of the most used platforms for many.

Is Survey Junkie Completely Legit?

If you are new to using online survey platforms, it is expected that you might have second thoughts about it. It may even be unbelievable that you get paid for doing a simple task. You might also be afraid that they might steal your personal information since you must fill out vital details about yourself before you can get paid.

However, you should have no worries about using Survey Junkie because it is the most legit online survey platform you can sign up on and earn money. Many are earning because of the website that some would even spend hours a day working. But before you start working, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using Survey Junkie.

Advantages of Using Survey Junkie


The first benefit you should know about Survey Junkie is that it is super easy to use and navigate. Everything about the website is clean and straightforward, giving a welcoming vibe to new users. Even if you do not have extensive knowledge about using computers, signing up is relatively easy, and you can start working and earning money at a moment’s notice.

Another benefit you can find is that it accepts Paypal, so you do not have to give out your bank details. It is the fastest method to get your money after completing a survey and cash out your points whenever you want to. And lastly, Survey Junkie only requires you to have $10 worth of points, which can take you at least two months.

A page containing all the surveys a user can take and the points they get after completing each of them.

Disadvantages of Using Survey Junkie

One main disadvantage you might have heard about Survey Junkie is that a few users have had their accounts closed. They were not even given notice or a reason why their accounts were closed. While not every user has experienced that issue, you need to be aware of this problem since many have complained about it. And others have even encountered problems about requesting a transfer to their Paypal, but it never happened.

Remember the advantages and disadvantages of Survey Junkie to gauge whether you want to move forward with working for them.


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