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Russell Wilson Invests Over $1 Million On His Body Annually, Hopes To Continue Playing Until He’s 45

Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson is willing to do everything to ensure that he will stay in his game for the longest possible time.

Turning 32 years old on November 29, Wilson is currently the frontrunner in the National Football League this year. The team now holds the most impressive record in the National Football Conference West division at 6-1, while he leads the NFL scoreboard with 26 touchdowns in just seven games.

If his winning streak continues, the up-and-coming Hall of Fame recipient will remain playing until the 2-33 season.

In his recent interview with The Bill Simmons Podcast, Wilson mentioned that he spent an insane sum of money and time in his effort to continue playing until he reaches the age of 45.

According to the star quarterback, he spent time at the gym 363 days per year. He only misses his workouts during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Like other superstar athletes like LeBron James, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady, he also pays a huge amount to get the best training possible to make sure that he will stay strong and endure the rigorous training even until he turns older.

Based on the interviews, he must have spent at least $1 million or more in one year, just on recovery alone.


He also mentioned that he employed a full performance team. His team has a full-time physical trainer, physiotherapist, massage therapist, mobile person, and two culinary chefs.

The football star also shared that he also owns a hyperbaric chamber that he often uses at least three to four times every week. He also said that he often gets different types of treatments every day.

Despite the staggering amount, the money that came out of his pocket for this physical training and wellness is well spent. The Richmond, Virginia native, has not missed any game since his rookie season in 2012. He started making career records in 2017 when he made 34 touchdown passes in NFL.

Wilson will not be the only player in their 40s to continue playing in the NFL. Brady is currently 43 years old, while Brees is 41 years old, but both are still in their prime. Also, popular Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers remains a top player even if he is almost considered a veteran at 37 years old.

Wilson started his professional football journey in 2012 when he trained for the IMG Madden Football Academy’s NFL Scouting Combine in Florida. Before the 2012 NFL Draft, the NFL analysts and scouts projected him to become a middle-round pick. But he ended up as the 75th overall draft pick by the Seattle Seahawks during that year. He became the Rookie of the Week after leading the team to a 28-7 win against the New York Jets in November of the same year. His continuous success made him break franchise records in 2015 when he signed a four-year contract extension worth $87.6 million.

Because of all his efforts to maintain his health and wellbeing, there is no doubt that Wilson can play well beyond his 40s.


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