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Prepare to Bring at Least $2500 When You Want to Eat at SubliMotion – The World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

To fully enjoy your food, you must involve all your senses aside from your sense of taste. While taste is the foremost sense that you activate when enjoying food, your other senses will all come to play to appreciate a meal fully. Here are how your other senses help you appreciate what you are putting in your mouth.

Smell. Your sense of smell will allow you to determine the quality of what you are eating. However, the scent of food may also trigger childhood memories or switch you from work to leisure mode. The better the smell of food is, the sweeter the memories it will trigger.

Sight. The way a meal is presented before you will add to its overall appeal. There are certain colors that, when placed together, will make the meal more delicious looking. Likewise, when food items in the meal are plated in order, it will give you a sense that a professional chef has created it, and therefore you will get the perception of a high-quality meal.

Hearing. Hearing your food crunch when you bite into it will add to the freshness, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Hearing your food will also allow you to immerse yourself in the flavor that you are eating.

Touch. Your sense of touch is accessed on how you manipulate your food while eating. Adding chopsticks to enjoy Japanese cuisine will add authenticity to your dining experience.

You must access all of your five senses to enjoy a meal fully. Most restaurants design their dining experience to incorporate one or two of your senses, such as providing you with a great ambiance and professionally-plated delicious food. However, only one restaurant has been known to access all your senses and more during a dining experience with them. This restaurant is SubliMotion, which is run by two-star Michelin chef Paco Roncero.


SubliMotion, which is located in Ibiza, Spain, is considered the world’s most expensive restaurant. Booking a dining experience in SubliMotion will cost you approximately $2500 per person. However, this price will give you a one-time dining experience that will include a twenty-course gastro-sensory meal, each with its settings. Here is why you need to dine at SubliMotion at least once in your lifetime.

Access all Your Senses. SubliMotion will access all your senses and will even invoke your emotions and memories during your dining experience. Each course will have its own set of products, such as immersing you in a different setting. The dining area is a virtual stage where the walls, tabletops, and all surfaces are turned into a virtual projector screen that will convert the entire area into a 360-degree cinema. For example, SubliMotion can convert the entire dining area into a beach complete with beach and ocean sounds to complement a seafood-based course.
Exclusivity. Getting a seat at SubliMotion is very difficult since the restaurant is booked solid for months. The reason for this is its exclusivity to only twelve people per dining experience.

Interactive. SubliMotion also allows you to become active in your dining experience. Catch your food while being lowered by balloons, or wear VR Googles while eating for a 3D dining experience.

Dining at SubliMotion will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your friends and relatives will be envious of. So, if you have $2500 to spare, go ahead and book a seat at the world’s most expensive restaurant.


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