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Learn the Secrets to Getting Free Baby Stuff

Mothers who recently gave birth would usually buy all sorts of necessities for the baby to ensure they will not have a hard time taking care of them. However, others have it hard because they were unprepared before they got pregnant. But what they do not know is that there are different ways to get baby stuff for free.

Not all mothers know about the secrets to getting free baby stuff because they usually prepare themselves financially even before making a baby. You can follow several helpful tips if you want to get free baby stuff without a sweat.

Take Advantage of the Baby Registry

You can find that some mothers use the baby registry in several registries such as the Amazon Baby Registry, Target Baby Registry, Buy Buy Baby Registry, and Walmart Baby Registry. When you complete a baby registry, you can check if it comes with free baby stuff that will benefit your baby. Usually, you can get a free baby gift card or a free baby gift after completing the registration.

Ask Your Friends and Families

If you have relatives who have babies and are all grown up, you can try asking if they have extra stuff that you can use for your baby. Usually, they provide baby gifts when you hold a baby shower. But it would not hurt to ask if they have additional baby supplies that they do not use anymore.


Free Baby Diapers

Diapers are a necessity for every baby since they still cannot poop or pee on their own. If you want to cut budgets on buying baby diapers, you can request free samples of diapers, join diaper reward programs, and even sign up for diaper company mailing lists. Take advantage of them because diapers nowadays are quite expensive.

A picture of different products for babies.

Free Baby Formula

Another necessity you need for your growing baby is the formula. Mothers need to break from breastfeeding their babies, and baby formulas are the perfect replacement for a mother’s breast milk. Fortunately, you can get free full-sized formula containers of baby formula from stores and companies like Walmart and Enfamil. Not only are you saving money, but you also have the chance to try out different formulas to know which one your baby will love.

Huggies Rewards

Huggies is a world-renowned manufacturer of baby diapers and baby wipes in America. What is great about them is they provide Huggies Rewards to people who collect and accumulate points when they buy Huggies products. You can rack up points fast and exchange them for gift certificates, baby books, baby coupons, and even toys.



Take your chances on getting high-quality free baby stuff on Freecycle. There may be baby items and products from previous owners that are still in good condition. However, you need to properly inspect the items to ensure they are safe for the baby to use.

Follow the tips mentioned above if you want to get free baby stuff right away!


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