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Know the Costs of Home Inspection

Whenever you plan to buy a house, you have to consider many things such as the budget you are willing to spend, the entire property’s space, or what amenities are available. But if you found a house that suits your needs, make sure that you have it inspected efficiently.

The only way is by getting a home inspector because they have years of experience inspecting different homes. Some might think that home inspecting is a waste of money since the home that they are buying is new or has not been occupied for too long. You should know the costs of a home inspection to ensure you know what you are paying for.

How Much Does it Cost?

Based on a U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development study, you can have an average home inspected that will cost you $300 to $500. But this price will increase or decrease depending on the house’s size, where it is situated, and which areas of the house you want to inspect.

The age of the house is also something that may require you to pay more. Usually, an old house is prone to many issues, which most are hard to find, making the home inspector spend more time around the house. The longer the home inspector stays around the house, the more the home inspection costs will go up.

But no need to fret about the price getting higher because it will be worth your money. When sellers do not provide enough details about the house, they never mention the issues. That could lead to buyers encountering many issues with the home that will cost them even more because of repairs. As long as you get a professional home inspector’s services, you will not have a problem looking for severe issues that could be detrimental to your living conditions.


Home inspection is a must to ensure homeowners will not have to experience any severe complications with their living conditions.

Know the Math of Home Inspection

There is a way to determine how much the home inspection will cost you exactly. For every 2,000 square feet of the house, the home inspection costs will give you at least $200 to $500. If you have this much square feet of home, it is best to allocate a budget of $600 to be safe if there are any extra costs.

If you have a 2,000 square feet home, you should add $25 more for every additional 500 square feet. You should prepare a budget of $500 to $600 for a house that has a square between 2,000 to 3,000.

And if environmental issues exist like conducting tests for high radon levels, you may need to set aside a budget of $150. There are also different tests that your inspector may conduct, so you always need to prepare for extra costs during the home inspection.

Now that you know the average cost of a home inspection, keep in mind the several tips to ensure the home inspection services go smoothly.


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