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Know the Costs of Getting a Root Canal

At some point, your teeth may start hurting for various reasons such as chewing hard food or drinking hot or cold food and liquid. You might shrug the problem off and think that it will be gone after a while, but that is where you are wrong. A time will come where the toothache will become so severe that you will need to visit the dentist right away.

After the dentist finished the examinations, they told you that you need a root canal. You might ask yourself, “how much does a root canal cost?” Some may not get the procedure because they have no idea about the entire cost. But when you are well-informed about the root canal costs, you will have no problems preparing for the procedure.

Several Factors That Can Affect the Root Canal Cost

The average cost of a root canal without insurance will cost you at least $1,000. No person will have the same costs because it will depend on the specifics of the procedure. However, you can determine several factors that make up the entire costs to prepare for the expenses. Examples of factors are:

• X-ray and consultation fees
• Root canal location (procedure on the front teeth is usually inexpensive because of the lacking of canals or roots)
• Preferred specialist or dentist
• Range of damage

The Average Prices of a Root Canal


Each dentist will have varying prices, so it is not easy to guess precisely how much the root canal costs will be. But according to a non-profit organization called FAIR Health, the usual and reasonable cost for a root canal procedure will average:

• Bicuspid – $880
• Front teeth – $770
• Molar – $1,120

If you are insistent on getting the exact costs, make sure you talk with your dentists because only they can provide it. A good tip is to compare the costs from different dentists and specialists to make sure you know which ones can make you spend less.

A dentist along with his assistant performing a dental check-up on a patient.

Choosing Whether You Need a Dentist or an Endodontist

If you do not want to get technical with the terms, a dentist is a generalist, while an endodontist is a specialist. However, you do not necessarily need to go to an endodontist to get a root canal procedure. Out of the 15 million root canal procedures, dentists did 72% of it while endodontists did 28% of the job. Generally, you can get the dentist’s procedure, and you will still get the same results. But if you prefer an endodontist, you get the chance to experience a less painful root canal since they are highly-skilled and have years of advanced training. You should also try asking for the costs between dentist and endodontist and compare them. It will help you decide better which one you prefer to have the procedure.

If someone asks you, “how much does a root canal cost?” you can hopefully provide them answers by taking note of the factors mentioned above.


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