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Is There Something Wrong With Me? 3 Tricks To Pick Up Your Life Again

Like most people around the world, you might be feeling like the past months had been a series of unfortunate events. The entire 2020 make it very challenging for most people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This circumstance prompted most people to ask if there is something wrong with them.

Aside from the pandemic, the political disturbance had been haunting most nations around the world. It is the reason why most people may be feeling confused or rejected. These events could harm your mental wellbeing and overall welfare.

Everyone’s lives are not the same anymore. But it does not mean that something is wrong with your life at the moment. You only need to find a way to go on with your life in what most people call the “new normal.”

Here are three tricks to help you get by and figure out how to survive in this new landscape.

#1: Keep In Mind That Feeling Lost Is Common

You may have been sidetracked from your usual routine. It may feel very overwhelming, but you are not the only one feeling lost. But remember, feeling lost does not mean that there is something wrong with you.


Admitting that you are not feeling well can help you understand that you are confused about several things. It includes being confused about the choices you made that led you to that point, wanting to continue or end your actions, what to do next, or if you must stay the course.

After the admission, you should not force yourself to act to it right away. Take some time to reflect before determining your next course, and be gentle with yourself. Once you feel that things are not aligned, you will eventually start taking steps to find yourself once again.

#2: Stop Holding On And Let Go

Most people find it hard to get out of feeling lost. Some even find it intoxicating. But the secret to ending this emotion is to stop holding on to the sadness and discomfort. You must let go of this feeling of uncertainty. In short, you must surrender and let go of the things that you cannot control. It is the only way to start finding yourself again.

Remember, you will not have freedom without surrendering first. It will no longer feel restrained due to external forces. So avoid clinging and start letting go.

#3: Take Some Rest


The process to find your way again may be very exhausting. So take time off to rest. It will allow you to think properly, face the truth, and take care of yourself. Each time you feel that something is not right, you must always remember that rest can be your best medicine.

When talking about resting, you must think of having a good sleep. You may also rest through meditation, unplugging from technology, going outdoors, or traveling to a secluded place. You may also pamper yourself with a massage or watch your favorite show.

Final Thoughts

Once you have a deep connection with yourself, you will finally realize that you are getting more proactive. By allowing yourself to have an intentional reflection, you will get rid of your detachment from what you cannot control. So make sure that you are in tune with your emotions to start finding yourself once again.


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