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How To Take Probiotics For Better Health

For years, health experts have informed people about the health benefits of drinking probiotics. But not everyone knows the proper ways of taking probiotics. Since there are plenty of probiotic brands in the market, finding the best one for your needs, and learning how to take them can be a challenge.

Different probiotic brands claim that their product contains high levels of good bacteria. Others put the name of the specific strains on their label. But there are more things to consider when taking probiotics. Not everyone knows that all those bacteria and the added special strains will do nothing if they cannot colonize the gut.

Generally, probiotic supplements undergo a long journey before your body can finally absorb them. After swallowing, the sensitive bacteria travels into the acidic surroundings of the stomach. It will deal with the destructive digestive enzymes found in the body, including the enzyme called pectin that breaks down protein.

The surviving probiotics will continue their journey towards the small intestine, which is filled with alkaline. But this time, they will face other destructive compounds like amylase, protease, lipase, and bile. It is the reason why several studies believe that the survival rates for probiotics only reaches 20%.

To fully enjoy the health benefits of probiotics, you must keep this information in mind.

When to consume probiotics?


Studies show that the survival ability of probiotics can be improved when consumed with food. Taken them seconds before or during a meal will allow them to serve their long and difficult journey to the gut.

The pH balance within your stomach can influence the survival rate of the probiotics. If you take the supplement on an empty stomach, your gut’s pH level will be very low. It can prevent the survival of your good bacteria. Meanwhile, the alkaline level of the stomach will increase after a meal. It can help prevent the probiotics from being destroyed once inside the stomach.

By taking probiotics with meals, you can get all the bacteria’s benefits once it enters your body.

Time-Release Probiotics versus Common Vegetable Capsules

Some brands use veggie capsules for probiotics delivery. But they may not be the ideal delivery system for the supplement. Vegetable capsules are typically made using hypromellose, a type of polymer made from the cellulose of a plant. It may sound like a healthy and ethical source, but it is not effective protection against stomach acids.

On the other hand, time-release capsules are proven to be better when delivering probiotics to the body. They are developed using special technology that protects the contents from the acids in the stomach. When these capsules get in close contact with a wet environment, it will develop a protective gel coating that will keep the content safe. It will let them pass through the stomach acid with lesser potency loss.


Final thoughts

If you want to get the most from your probiotics, make sure that your stomach is not empty to avoid too much acid. It is also best to invest in probiotic supplements in time-release capsule form to ensure that it will give you all the best benefits.


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