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How To Spot Your Citibank Routing Number

Anyone who always experience sending money to friends and family or constantly sign up for direct deposit often find themselves answering questions about the routing number. If you have transactions with your Citibank account, you will most likely need to know your branch’s routing number to push through with the activity. But some people have no idea what their Citibank routing number is.

If you are having trouble looking for your Citibank routing number, here are some of the simplest ways to find the important series of numbers to help you proceed with your bank transactions.

What Is A Routing Number?

A routing number, also referred to as the ABA or check routing number, was formulated by the American Bankers Association back in 1910 as their way to deal with paper checks. During the past century, the purpose of this specific set of numbers evolved to provide banks and credit unions the capacity to send and receive monetary funds to other financial institutions and vice versa.

How To Look For Your Citibank Routing Number On Your Check

The Citibank routing numbers are usually presented on the lower left-hand side of the check. The nine-digit code is often based on the designated number given to the location where you opened the bank account. For example, the routing number of those who opened their Citibank account in Oregon is 123000220, while those in Washington will use 125000105 as their routing number.


How To Get Your Citibank Routing Number For International Wire Transfers

If you wish to send cash to other countries, you need to follow a completely different set of rules to make sure that the transaction will push through. For international wire transfers, you need to know your beneficiary’s full name and the name and exact location of the beneficiary’s bank. You must also know the recipient’s exact account number, the bank’s SWIFT or BIC code, as well as the Clearing House Interbank Payments System Universal Identifier, also known as the CHIPS UID.

Your Citibank transactions will be less complicated if you know what your routing number is for every checking and wire transfer process.

How To Find Your Citibank Routing Number Online?

You may also find your Citibank routing number by logging into your online banking account. After logging in successfully, you may proceed to the Account Details landing page. Then choose a recently written check, then look at the check image. Carefully look at the lower left area of the image to see the routing number.

Aside from these options, you may directly call your local Citibank branch or the branch where you opened your bank account. They will gladly provide you their routing number, but you must first provide them several valuable information like your debit card or account number.

If you have no idea what your local Citibank branch contact number is, you may call their online banking support at their toll-free 1-800-374-9700 number.

Learning what your Citibank routing number is would make it easier for you to make bank transactions. So keep a copy of your routing number handy to ensure that you can use it every time.


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