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How to Retire Early

Most people will work for an average of forty years before they consider retirement. However, some people are fortunate enough to amass a considerable amount of wealth to enable them to retire early and enjoy their lives in luxury. If you want to retire comfortably, here are the steps that you should follow.

Set Your Goals. You have to define your retirement goals clearly. The earlier you set your goals, the more time you will have to fulfill them. It is best to start planning your retirement as soon as you first got employed. This way, you will have a lot of time to save up for your retirement goals. Your goals should answer these critical questions:

• What does retirement mean to you? You should set a goal to stop working completely or focus on projects you are passionate about. Whatever you want to do after retirement is up to you.

• What age do you want to retire? Different countries have different mandates on the legal retirement age. Most countries have a retirement age between 60 and 65. However, you do not need to follow this. Your retirement age is also up to you. If you feel that you have enough savings and passive wealth to retire at an earlier age, then nobody can stop you from not working and enjoying the retired life.

• How much money should I have at retirement? You should set an amount that you feel you can live off. Different financial gurus will have their own opinions on how much money you need to have at retirement. However, the amount of money should correspond to the number of years you expect to live off your savings. For example, you may feel that you have enough money to retire at age forty to find out that have outlived your savings and run out of money when you reach seventy. The best rule of thumb is to set an amount that will enable you to live comfortably then multiply it with your life expectancy after retirement.

• What lifestyle do you want to live when you retire? Your answer to this question will greatly affect your previous answer of how much you need to have at retirement. If you want your retirement to be all about travel and leisure, you need to increase your target retirement savings significantly.


Understand Your Current Situation. If you want to map out your retirement journey, you need to know where you are currently located. You need to know your current financial situation and how far out you are from where you need to go.

Know all Options Open to You. Determine all the available options to increase your savings and generate passive income so that you may retire comfortably. These options may include starting a business, getting a higher-paying job, and investing your money. It is best to hire a financial advisor to help you reach your financial targets.

Spend Wisely. Once you know your target and your options for reaching it, you should also spend your money wisely to increase your savings.

Getting ready for your retirement is an abstract concept. However, you can estimate the numbers that you will need to be able to retire in comfort. It is best to follow the above steps to retire when you want.


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