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How To Move On From The Worst Year And Prep Yourself For Improvement In The Coming Years

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years globally. It started with the tail end of the intense Australian bushfire season called the Black Summer, and the untimely demise of NBA legend Kobe Bryant due to a helicopter crash.

But everyone will forever remember 2020 for putting the world at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It led to a massive economic and social disruption, postponements and cancellations of major events, and lockdowns worldwide. It is also the year of the biggest economic recession in recent history.

Because of these events, most people consider 2020 as one of the worst years of their life. But the worst is also over since the year is about to conclude in a few weeks. Now is the right time to prepare yourself to move on from the past misfortunes and look forward to better days ahead in 2021 and the coming years.



#1: List Down Past Negative Reactions


Before the end of the year, you must grab a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the emotions you felt in response to various situations. You may look back at how you see, hear, and feel during that time. Then take several deep breaths to trigger your vagus nerve and relax your heart pace if it becomes elevated when looking back at the events that took place in 2020.

After writing the negative emotions, you must bring that paper to a place where you can burn it safely to finally eliminate the negative emotions.

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#2: Compensate With Positive Experience

Once you determine which negative emotions which dominated your life in 2020, you must replace this with affirmative emotions at the start of the year. You may start by putting your feet flat on the floor, then take a deep breath. Hold it, then slowly breathe out.

You must recall the happiest experience of your life and think of it as a wonderful cinema experience. Try to think of how great the feeling was, then anchor it by pressing together with your right thumb and forefinger. You may repeat it as often as possible to ignite its power during uncertain times.

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#3: Focus On The Future

Always remember that like all misfortunes that happened in your life, this too shall pass. After a period of isolation and quarantine, you may be feeling a sense of gratitude and relief since the worst is over and better days are coming very soon.

Looking back at the past global and personal crises and considering them as your opportunities to learn and refocus your priorities will help you look forward to the coming days. It will help you determine which facets of your life need improvements, especially those you may not notice in favorable conditions. After emerging from the worst possible time, you will realize that you can emerge from it stronger and more prepared to face any hurdles possible that may come in the future.


All the difficulties that you experience in 2020 will be over soon. So hang in there and look forward to what lies ahead.


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